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Police review investigation into homes fiasco

“Police are reviewing the investigation” into the failed Frampton New Homes scheme in the wake of the trial of Randal Carey.
In response to a question from the Alice Springs News Online, Detective Superintendent Brent Warren said yesterday:  “Police are reviewing the investigation following the recent court case to determine any fresh or new avenues of inquiry.”
The News offered right of reply to Framptons. Andrew Doyle, one of two principals of the company First National Real Estate Framptons, provided the following statement: “We will continue to provide the police with all information they request, this offer was given directly to the investigating officer Deanne Ward last Friday.
“I have received no contact from the police since I instigated contact on the 17th.
“Police are only reviewing, they have not said they have found anything to investigate.
“All you have is accusations made by a convicted fraudster trying to create doubt to reduce his sentence,” Mr Doyle said.


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