LETTER: Development co-ordinator to include all players


Sir – The new Regional Development Framework will have an open and transparent link with a cross-agency senior officers group who will ensure that government policies are aligned, that resources are shared, and that regional perspectives are taken into account in government planning and decision making.
[There will be] integration and coordination across business, industry, the community and all levels of government. This is the first time all regional development stakeholders have significant input into a comprehensive and coordinated approach to building our regions.
Regional Development Committees (RDCs) will allow communities, local business and industry to drive their own development ambitions, knowing government is listening.
There will be five RDCs: Tennant Creek for the Barkly region; Katherine for the Big Rivers region; Nhulunbuy for the Arnhem region; Alice Springs for the Central Australia region; and the Tiwi Islands.
Alison Anderson (pictured)

Minister for Regional Development


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