Court told Liam Jurrah kicked, punched women, is denied bail


Former AFL star Liam Jurrah (pictured) was remanded in custody until Friday in the Alice Springs Local Court a short while ago.
Magistrate David Bamber heard that Mr Jurrah was involved in a violent family brawl outside the 24-Hour Store in Gap Road in the early hours of last Thursday.
He was told Mr Jurrah and co-accused Mathias Walker allegedly kicked and punched several women, including a 14-year-old girl.
The two men are each charged with three counts of aggravated assault.
Prosecutor Lindsay Westphal said the brawl started when Mr Jurrah approached his ex-partner in the store at about 3.15am.
Several frights broke out and at one point two women were brawling, rolling on the ground.
Mr Westphal alleged Mr Jurrah kicked one woman in the head three times, bruising her face.
He punched another woman twice, ripped an earring out and allegedly punched her a third time, causing her to lose two teeth.
The brawl continued on vacant land opposite the store, after which Mr Jurrah and Mr Walker left the scene and called at several homes of relatives around town.
Mr Westphal said CCTV footage of some of the brawl would be available on Friday.
Two independent witnesses had corroborated the account he gave to the court today, and one passer-by had come to the aid of one of the victims.
Two police officers had arrived at the end of the melee.
Mr Westphal told the court Mr Jurrah had a “propensity for violence” and opposed bail.
Aboriginal Legal Aid Lawyer Tim Sullivan, appearing for Jurrah, said Mr Jurrah had “no relevant priors” and had lived in Melbourne and Adelaide in high profile positions.
Mr Bamber said he had seen Mr Jurrah playing football in Santa Teresa last week when has was meant to be in Adelaide answering aggravated assault charges.
Mr Sullivan said the warrant in Adelaide was apparently going to be withdrawn and at this point consisted merely of unproven allegations.
He said the prosecution’s suggestion Mr Jurrah had a propensity for violence was a “self fulfilling submission”.
The hearing on Friday will consider bail for Mr Jurrah if a “supervised residence” at Hermannsburg can be provided.
A hearing for plea or mention has been set down for May 16.


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