LETTER: R. M. Williams responds on Henbury


Sir – As the owner and operator of Henbury Station in the Northern Territory, R. M. Williams Agricultural Holdings would like to clarify a number of points about Henbury Station raised by Nationals Deputy Senate Leader Senator Fiona Nash in her letter to the editor published Tuesday, 12 February 2013.
Firstly, I wish to advise Henbury Station is presently operating under a very detailed interim management plan.  R. M. Williams Agricultural Holdings continues to meet all its obligations under this comprehensive interim management plan which includes our procedures for dealing with fire, feral animals, weeds and water.
Under R. M. Williams Agricultural Holdings’ agreement with the Commonwealth, the final management plan for Henbury Station, to which Senator Nash’s letter refers, was always scheduled to come into effect later this year once the full extent of the conservation and cultural values of the property are properly understood.
R. M. Williams Agricultural Holdings is undertaking extensive work in this regard.
R. M. Williams Agricultural Holdings’ vision for Henbury Station is to manage and protect this iconic property’s natural and cultural values in partnership with the Commonwealth, Traditional Owners and other relevant stakeholders.
The company will continue to fulfil its obligations and commitment to maintaining Henbury to ensure its inherent conservation and biodiversity values are protected in accordance with the terms of the Caring For Our Country mandate (National Reserve Funding programme).
I have also offered to provide a full briefing on Henbury Station to Senator Nash and am awaiting her response.
James Tucker
Executive Director


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