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LETTER: Plenty in store for The Centre, writes Lambley

Sir – I am optimistic and truly excited about the year ahead for Central Australia. The best present under the Christmas tree this year is strong economic growth in 2013.
The region is on the cusp of some exciting new projects and initiatives which we will see come on board in 2013. After years of being in the political and economic wilderness, the focus is on stimulating growth and prosperity in Alice Springs and the broader Central Australia region.
I have had numerous meetings with developers over the past 16 weeks who are hungry to make substantial investments in Alice Springs. We are committed to assisting them by not putting road blocks up, as has been the case for years. Through the new Planning Commission, developments will be expedited through faster and more efficient processes.
The new Kilgariff housing subdivision will be available for development in 2013. This is a good 12 months sooner than what Labor intended.
Since our election in August we have started delivering our promises to the regions. Centralians wanted action on law and order and that’s why we have 20 new police on the beat now and a new Assistant Police Commissioner based in Alice Springs announced just last week.
We are also looking at new ‘Police and Court House’ facilities in Alice Springs. Planning for the long term needs of Alice Springs is what has been sadly lacking. I am determined Alice Springs will be given the proper attention as we plan for a better future.
“The headquarters for Government tourism is being regionalised in Alice Springs and we will see growth and excitement in the town like never before. Already tourism staff are relocating to Alice, bringing their families, their energy and their contribution to the prosperity of the town. This is very exciting.
I am determined to resolve the child care crisis in Alice Springs in the coming year. A group of child care stakeholders and I have been chipping away at this issue for the past two years. We will ensure that families and carers have access to child care and are able to work and contribute to the economy. This has been a major impediment to economic growth in this town for too long and we will sort this out in 2013.
Most of us have been hoping and praying for positive change for a long time. I am confident Centralians have a lot to look forward to. I wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas.
Robyn Lambley
Minister for Central Australia and Deputy Chief Minister


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