LETTER: Huge power savings


Sir – Alice Springs residents who entered a challenge to save 10 to 20% on their household energy use in one year have saved over $3000 in the first six months of the competition.
The 27 homeowners joined Alice Solar City’s Energy Challenge in March 2012, and made a public commitment via the project’s website.
The combined savings will add up to $6,000 over the 12 months of the challenge, and will represent greenhouse gas savings of almost 20 tonnes per annum, the equivalent of installing 100 solar panels.
Savings have been made through a variety of measures, including turning off lights, installing energy efficient pool pumps, solar hot water, low energy lighting, and finding ways to keep cool other than using the air-conditioner.
Challenge participant Jackie Smith, who has saved almost 60% of her household energy use two months in a row, said: “Being involved in the challenge makes us more motivated to be aware of our energy use.”
“Changing to an energy saving pool pump has made the most difference, and we have changed behaviours such as doing our clothes and dish washing at night when power is cheaper.” (Jackie is part of the Alice Solar City Cost Reflective Tariff trial which offers higher daytime rates and lower nighttime rates)
Julie and Steve Vincent, who have saved 38% and 51% in the first and second bill quarters respectively, took on board all the advice given to them in their home energy survey.
“We are passionate energy conservatives and have put in place everything we can to save energy. It has definitely produced results for us and we are very happy.”
The winner of the Energy Challenge will be randomly drawn from those homeowners who have met or exceeded their energy reduction over the year, and will be announced in April 2013. They will win $2000 to spend on energy efficiency around the home.
Sam Latz
Alice Solar City General Manager


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