More events, more people = more business, safer streets


Cr Melky proposes events coordinator for the CBD
An on-going program of events – weekly or fortnightly – would attract more people into the CBD, supporting local business and creating a safer environment. The Town Council should be the instigator of such a program, employing a full-time events coordinator for the CBD, Councillor Eli Melky (at left) proposes. He won initial support for the move from his  colleagues last night.
Cr Liz Martin wasn’t sure it needed a full-time commitment but she wanted to see an expanded position (council already has a community projects officer who organises some events, such as the Night Markets and the Christmas Carnival).
Cr Steve Brown thought full-time was warranted.
Cr Geoff Booth “fully” supported the motion and thought there may be possibilities of financial or in-kind support from CBD traders. Council should do some research on this, he said.
Cr Melky also proposed that council encourage the formation of a traders’ association and that the events coordinator’s “strategic marketing plan” be in line with such an association’s “business plan”.
His colleagues were less enthusiastic about this proposal. Mayor Damien Ryan thought that the Chamber of Commerce should be asked for their input, however Cr Booth poured cold water on this idea, suggesting that a lot of businesses are not members.
Mayor Ryan agreed that few if any retailers in Todd Mall were members of the chamber.
He also commented that a number of mall traders have expressed their disappointment to him with this year’s Alice Desert Festival. Where was the parade? they wanted to know. The festival is nearly over and people were feeling that it wasn’t happening. Council puts $35,000 into it and needs to understand “what’s driving it”, he said.
The motion was deferred while council officers prepare a report, examining the options and costs. CEO Rex Mooney expressed his view that a part-time position would not work. The report will be ready for next month’s round of meetings.
Pictured: A section of Parsons Street transformed by ‘video architecture’, as part of the Alice Desert Festival (see separate story this issue). The activities of an events coordinator could involve more than performance.
Mall works to start in August but more than bricks and mortar is needed
Candidate Dianne Logan in the last council elections made activities in the CBD the central plank of her campaign.


  1. May I suggest that the person employed by Council actually goes around the clubs and associations and meets with their committees to develop relationships with a view to a more coordinated and inclusive approach to public events. To have a person parked in an office somewhere, waiting for interested people to drop in or call or email won’t work. We are all busy and even with the best of intentions, people will very seldom make time in their day to seek out a Council worker. So please Councillors, consider a proactive approach to this important position.

  2. Dear Readers of Alice Springs News,
    I thought this may help with providing a clearer picture of what I aim to achieve regarding the proposed CBD Community Events co-ordinator.
    This is the motion that was tabled at the Alice Springs Town Council Committee Meetings held on the 10th of September 2012.
    I Councillor Eli Melky, wish to move at the Alice Springs Town Council Committee’s meeting scheduled for the 10th of September 2012 the following motion:
    I move that the Alice Springs Town Council
    A: that the Alice Springs Town Council engages and encourages the business community to form a Traders association which can represent business operating within the CBD and including the Todd Mall.
    B: Fund from within our budget to employ a full time CBD community events co-ordinator
    In times where there is a clear need to support local business in the CBD by encouraging and building confidence within the local and wider market to come and shop in the CBD.
    I wish to propose to Council that we appoint a full time Events Coordinator who will be charged with the responsibility of attracting more people to the CBD area by organising ongoing events to be held throughout the CBD over 12 months.
    The successful candidate must possess the ability to –
    • Formulate a strategic marketing plan that is in line with the CBD Traders association business plan
    • Create partnerships between local business, local government, TCA and Chamber of Commerce, arts community, sporting community, service clubs.
    • Be able to have a wide knowledge of grant funding and work with existing grant officer
    • Create a network of contacts with Business, sport, Arts and Service Clubs within the town
    • Responsible to the chair of the CBD traders association, working with council officers and department heads.
    Regards, Eli Melky, Councillor


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