LETTER: Get value for money from the pollies


Sir,- Well how the tables have turned after the election. The Berrimah Line is still in place make no mistake it’s a numbers thing but the power is now on the other side because of the numbers .
This would have to be the best chance for the revitalisation of the NT since self government. Darwin as a block is divided on both sides of the political fence so that leaves in, my view, the remaining MPs to set the agenda, and with a connected focused approach would see some outstanding results. The refreshing thing is that the bush block of MPs aren’t academics, they have their heads focused on life and not on loosely constructed theories based on the eastern coastal fringe.
There will be a shortage of money, so where are the savings going to come from? Bullet focus groups, consultants; put middle level management back at the coal face. Top level management can do their own work, research, and reports. Freeze all pay rises to 2% of savings, use local talent, empower them and make the MPs accountable to their electorate by being in it 50% of the time.
Demand more of the Federal politicians instead of their lackluster efforts and if they don’t perform, replace them at the next election. It’s your money – decide if your getting value for money.
So in closing, this is the time for action and wise policy decisions and revamp of the NT. Good luck.
Peter Johns
Mackay QLD, formerly Alice Springs


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