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Bush bakeries and the dough



The Alice Springs company Remote Food Solutions received nearly a million dollars from the Federal Government for the installation of bakery shops in the remote communities of Hermannsburg, Papunya and Yuendumu. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


What's in this edition?



LETTER: Fistful of government dollars – local firms the winners: Chandler.

New power station: The other side of the $75m coin. EXCLUSIVE by ERWIN CHLANDA.

Buy local? Government, council not getting it right. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Fracking: More details from Labor on policy. EXCLUSIVE by ERWIN CHLANDA.

Town camp review to have broad scope, says Bess Price. By ERWIN CHLANDA.

Advocate editor joins Giles staff. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

LETTER: Fracking to be independently monitored, says Minister.

Time server Conlan gets taxpayer funded junket to Germany. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

1Territory preselects for Stuart the past ICPA president.

LETTER: Can you successfully sue a politician? Maybe.

Did Giles mislead COAG?

Youth offending: law and order or welfare issue? KIERAN FINNANE reports.

New booze plan: POSI – cops at bottle shops – may be on the way out. By ERWIN CHLANDA.

Fracking panel for cattlemen: debate or monologues? ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Phil Walcott, in growing Braitling field, never gives up.

Giles puts Aboriginal job schemes on hold.

Rocky Hill: More water, no charge.

CLP candidate Steve Brown rejects 'racist' employment policies.

Job scheme: industry 'disappointed', CLP 'views expressed'.

Apprentices may be included in controversial scheme.

Giles unyielding on Aboriginal construction jobs.

As DD looms: Where Is Wazza? COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA.

LETTER: Fast $100m stimulus where it's needed most – Giles.




Alice Prize winning work speaks of country and art history. KIERAN FINNANE reviews.

Vinnies add new service.

Town library responds to data safety fears. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Too much sun power in Alice? KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Alice Springs native title body in turmoil again. By ERWIN CHLANDA.

Alice film festival joins global movement.

Alice chairs for Venice unveiled at Bondi. By KIERAN FINNANE.

Desert writing to educate the ‘coast-huggers’. Book review by KIERAN FINNANE.

Alice Prize unpackers pick a winner.

Desert writing to educate the ‘coast-huggers’. Book review by KIERAN FINNANE.

Alice tourism: slow recovery while Rock booms. ERWIN CHLANDA speaks with TCA's Stephen Schwer.

Todd River: Trees in, buffel out.

New lobby demands more solar, less gas.

Mereenie loop 'targeted' for completion this year. By ERWIN CHLANDA.

Jumping the gun on radioactive waste facility? By KIERAN FINNANE.

Another one woman campaign for Alice tourism. By ERWIN CHLANDA.

Town Council advisory committees, in name only? By ERWIN CHLANDA.

Fuel for $75m powerstation: When was public told? By ERWIN CHLANDA.

'Fresh blood' for Development Consent Authority. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

In your face music. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. See video.

Crime through the roof – or is it? ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Gap townhouses rise in value as units fall. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Whittling away at sacred sites protection. By KIERAN FINNANE.

Cattle, grazing land in big demand from overseas: Banker David Williams. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Unfinished business for the cattle industry.

Iron ore may tank but here comes Heavy Metal.

Tasty take on work for the dole. Story by SUZANNE VISSER.

Custodians' faith in sacred sites authority destroyed. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Diversity loses in ballot for Deputy. KIERAN FINNANE reports.




Bruce Francais writes: Chinese port owners, now US nuke bombers?

Restoring social order? Treaty with Alyawarr people first, writes Richard Downs

At your Oz Day barbie, chew over statehood: ADAM GILES.

Why not a little old lady as Australian of Year, asks JOHN BELL.

Our unemployment rate still the lowest, writes ADAM GILES.


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