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When online shopping could be a life saver



As most places where people normally congregate are now out-of-bounds because of COVID-19, the supermarkets are one of the most likely places to contract the illness. But there is no need for that. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Shopping trolleys cause nuisance, danger in CBD

2460 shopping trolleys 1 SM


They block entrances to businesses, fire escapes and pedestrians who may avoid them by stepping on the road and get run over. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 4:15pm Council statement "blatantly incorrect," says Mr Fraser.


Derailment: Ghan cancelled, some food running low



This week's Ghan cancelled and supermarkets switch to road freight.


See UPDATE Monday 12:45pm


Todd Mall: Are we finally getting it right?

ALEX NELSON asks the question after decades of ill-fated developments in the town's main drag, the war between two shopping centres,  tinkering with traffic, parking and public use, and lots of government largesse. Should there be a Royal Commission?

If the trucks stop, so will Alice …


... but there is an alternative.


Last week on Tuesday evening Woolworths’ fresh produce aisles bore a striking resemblance to some of my imaginings of what would happen in a remote town like Alice Springs if the food transport system failed. The whole section was eerily empty aside from a few disorientated staff wandering about attempting to look busy. The explanation, as I later found out, was that cooling systems in the Monday trucks had been faulty and when the fresh produce arrived it was all frozen and could not be sold.

While the Fresh Food People’s shelves were bare, my fridge shelves were brimming with heads of lettuce, shallots, basil, rocket and other fruit and veg. My housemate and I get a $30 fresh box of produce once a fortnight through Food for Alice. The box is stocked with locally grown fresh fruit and veg sourced from the Steiner school garden, back yard vegie patches and the Alice Springs Market Garden. Shortfalls are made up with produce from Adelaide. But what would it take for us to grow all that we need and not have to depend on trucks bringing it in?

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