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Land councils acted behind our backs, say pipeline TOs

p2409 pipeline TOs SM


In a move against fracking, of which they say they weren't informed, Traditional Owners are seeking a halt to the Tennant Creek to Mount Isa gas pipeline by disallowing land clearing. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Members of the Wakaya Land Trust.


TOs seek to block pipeline. Hendo in the gas business.

p2408 Henderson, Downer SM


Never a dull moment in the fast lane: As traditional owners seek to block the Tennant Creek to Mount Isa gas pipeline, ex Labor Chief Minister Paul Henderson (at right in the picture) and former Liberal Opposition Leader Alexander Downer (next to him) are offering "discreet advice" about how to do business in the Territory. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Cart before the horse on gas pipeline?



Environmental Protection Authority says two major issues are still unresolved as it's all systems go in Tennant Creek. Resource Minister Ken Vowles (pictured) says his government "is currently working through the appropriate approval processes". ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Contractors invited for $100m gas, diesel power stations




November deadline for expression of interest. A RePower Alice Springs member says that time frame may allow the inclusion of renewable energy elements. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Is there a need for a youth curfew?




The buildings are there but no clear plans how to use them for dealing with out-of-control young people, writes PETER CAIN, Barkly Youth Services CEO. Facebook picture from CCTV footage of vandalising a Tennant Creek store.


Desert writing to educate the ‘coast-huggers’




Remote is a relative term. Remote from where? For many living in so-called remote communities or lands, their place is the centre. KIERAN FINNANE reviews Desert Writing: Stories from country.

Power station: Doing the numbers on renewables




Concentrated solar thermal, for when the sun is not shining, costs about the same as Owen Springs, except of course the power is free once you’ve built the plant, writes Paul Darvodelsky. And then there's always wind power.


Tennant's Christmases are coming all at once



A gas pipeline, a compression station and a power station upgrade gets a plucky mining town back on the map. Jason Newman addresses a Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Mount Isa in the campaign for the project. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


No room on plane for local Member



It was mean-spirited of the Chief Minister Adam Giles to refuse me a seat on his taxpayer-funded charter flight to my home town of Tennant Creek to attend the commencement of the re-enactment of the Borella Ride, writes Gerry McCarthy, Member for Barkly.

At the deep end of The Centre’s drinking culture

Defence lawyers’ questioning seeks to cast doubt on eye-witness evidence; as a by-product they paint a revealing picture of prodigious drinking going on in our midst. The time of the day is reckoned by the time of the bottleshop opening and closing; the time with family remembered, at least in part, by the grog shared with them and the arguments and fighting that can follow. KIERAN FINNANE reports from the Alice Springs Magistrates Court and reproduces recent sentencing remarks by CHIEF JUSTICE TREVOR RILEY in the Supreme Court.

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