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Culture and country meet … skate-boarding

By KIERAN FINNANE “You can find yourself freely, rolling on four wheels. It’s a self discipline thing to do. It’s also some form of mediation...

A long-term view of the 'skateable' Mall furniture




Were the benches just "skateable" or were they meant for skating? If skating isn't allowed in the CBD, how come skate furniture was included in the $5m revamp of the northern end the Mall? Project manager Lyndon Frearson puts a long-term view of what was put in there, and why. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Council and skaters: War and peace

UPDATE Friday 6:50pm: Council CEO Rex Mooney comments: ”The area in front of the Westpac Bank is private property and council has responded to representations made from the owner over a number of months resulting in the modification to the seating which, as indicated, is on private property.”


UPDATE 6:50pm: See statement by Matty Day in comment box below the FULL STORY report.


The town council had railings welded on the benches designed for skating in the recently refurbished northern end of the Todd Mall, making skating them difficult or impossible. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Cops and skaters now co-exist in northern mall


Councillor Chansey Paech has asked council to provide police with information about skating in northern Todd Mall, where skate-able street furniture has been provided. As we reported last week bike riding and skating are not prohibited in this part of the mall, a street open to traffic, but remain banned in the pedestrian southern end of the mall.




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