Friday, May 7, 2021

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Digging for charba



The midday sun parched our faces, burning the backs of our necks and
scalps as our crew ventured out into the bush behind Undoolya, on a very
particular mission – digging for witchetty grubs. Us youngsters stood
in the tray of the ute, while the grownups – Rod Moss, Eva and Julie
Hayes from Whitegate – held the cabin. Kangaroo tails, matches and two
crowbars were all I thought we needed. I excitedly sang pop tunes to the
boys – my partner Shaan from Melbourne and young Kaylum also from
Whitegate – as we held onto the rail of the roof, but the sound was
muted by the blasting wind, as the dirt track’s rocky ride bumped us up
and down the corrugation. PHOTO: Digging without crushing the roots and damaging the grubs: Eva Hayes shows how.
MOZZIE BITES turns hunter - gatherer.

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