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Fistful of government dollars



Local companies the winners in $500m infrastructure spend this financial year, writes Peter Chandler, Minister for Infrastructure.


Cops called in on overseas trip by Chandler: details



Police have been asked to examine the costs for an overseas trip by NT Minister Peter Chandler (at right) in September 2013. EXCLUSIVE by ERWIN CHLANDA reports about where he went, why, and how much it cost, but the Minister won't say what the public got for its money.


Are Indigenous voices being heard?




The current definition of "parent" needs work, writes Tabby Fudge, President of the NT Council of Government School Organisations, seeking answers from Education Minister Peter Chandler (pictured).


Minister confirms defects in tender winner's previous job




Minister Peter Chandler has confirmed there were defects in the emergency department built by Sydney-based Lahey Constructions which has just been awarded a $30m tender for more work at the hospital. PHOTO: A dance by traditional healers (nangkaris) opened the $25m department in June 2013. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Chandler explains why outside company got $30m tender




Minister for Infrastructure, Peter Chandler (pictured), has explained why a $29.6m Alice Springs hospital tender has been awarded by the NT Government to Sydney firm Lahey Constructions Pty Ltd instead of a local company. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Education Minister in Yirara cover-up




Education Minister Peter Chandler has rejected an offer from two teachers to meet with him in person and give him detailed, first-hand information about problems at Yirara College. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Yirara College: Minister Chandler on the case



Education Minister Peter Chandler says he is prepared to order an investigation into Yirara College (pictured) if there is evidence of tumultuous conduct and danger to students and staff as has been alleged by our sources over the past two weeks. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Darwin's 90 metre building "glass ceiling" may go

Peter Chandler


No Northern Territory law or regulation will limit the height of buildings in Darwin’s CBD if a proposed Planning Scheme Amendment is successfully adopted, writes Peter Chandler, Minister for Lands, Planning and the Environment.

Bring in open and fair planning appeal rights

Here is an outline of what we're proposing to Planning Minister, Peter Chandler, in a bid to to have planning regulations changed in favour of open and fair planning appeal rights. He answered quickly and reassuringly that he was looking into the matter, write Diana Rickard and Greg Chapman.


NT Education Minister 'blown away' at Cape York Academy


I have spent the last three days visiting remote schools on the Cape York Peninsula, analysing why they're seeing great results with far less resources than Territory schools. I was absolutely blown away by the high level of engagement in every classroom and have committed to work with Noel Pearson and his Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy, writes Peter Chandler, Northern Territory Minister for Education.

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