Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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Young men plead guilty to multiple rapes of international tourists

MODIFIED 5.10pm: Although no suppression order was sought today, the Alice Springs News Online has just been informed that an earlier order with respect to the offenders' names may still be in force. Until this is clarified we are removing their names from our report.


Two young men this morning pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court in Alice Springs to eight counts of sexual intercourse without consent with two international tourists on May 2 last year, as well as one count of robbery. The young women, one from Germany, the other from Finland, were asleep in their car in a suburban street in Alice when the assaults began shortly before 3am. A third Aboriginal male was involved but has never been arrested for want of evidence against him. The victims have been unable to identify him; there was no DNA evidence related to him; and the perpetrators have not assisted the police to identify him. KIERAN FINNANE reports, with more to follow later today.

PHOTO: The location of the rapes in Maconochie Road, near the casino.

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