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NT Budget: Little new for The Centre

The Territory Government is providing more land for homes in Alice Springs, including $8.3m for release of another stage of Kilgariff Estate, according to...

Outback Way seal given greater priority

By JULIUS DENNIS The Outback Way, stretching from Winton QLD to Laverton WA and cutting straight through Alice Springs has been put on the 2021...

Big role for tiny Boulia in Outback Way project

The Outback Way traversing the continent east-west will be a boon for Alice Springs. But for the tiny Boulia, population about 250, this road is vital. ERWIN CHLANDA took the trip along the Plenty and Donohue highways to meet the outback battlers, on a path to the future that most local governments would fear to tread.


UPDATE December 28, 2019

Signs of the Explorers Way – that's all so far

2514 Outback Way 2 SM2514 Outback Way 1 OK

East-west, north-south self drive bonanza waiting to happen – but so far it's just words. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

UPDATE 1.10pm Feb 6:
Outback Way distances sealed, unsealed and about to be sealed. In WA and Queensland local governments "have spent decades building up the roads. The scope left is to seal the road, which costs considerably less," says the NT department. And deals with traditional owners are commercial in confidence.

NT road sealing costs threat to Outback Way?

2503 Outback Way wild flowers SM2503 Outback Way Len Beadell's grader SM

Road sealing costs in the NT are close to three times as much as those in the jurisdictions which are partners in the World's Longest Shortcut. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTOS: Wildflowers along the Outback Way. The grader at Giles weather station of the legendary surveyor, Len Beadell.


UPDATE 12:15pm

A way to reduce cost of sealing NT's Outback Way?



A project management board could contract the work at an hourly rate, instead of going through the NT Government's tendering process, says Cr Jamie De Brenni. KIERAN FINNANE reports.


Developing the North: Feds pick up Territory proposals




Money for Tanami Road and Outback Way, Tennant to Mt Isa corridor, plus $130m for Aborigines to finalise all native title claims and negotiate with businesses, writes Chief Minister ADAM GILES (pictured).


Sealing the Outback Way: The mouse that roars.



The council of Queensland's Boulia Shire – population about 600 – has its eye on the contract for sealing the Plenty Highway in the Northern Territory between the border and the Stuart Highway. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


First Outback Way seal may go further



The first seal of the Outback Way, which traverses Australia east-west through Alice Springs, may be longer than the Federal Government is bartering for. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Outback Way: $40m in NT over next three years





The NT and Canberra will jointly fund construction of the Outback Way within the Northern Territory to the tune of $40m over thee years, it was announced today by Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss (pictured) and NT Chief Minister Adam Giles.

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