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Tag: murder charges

'Payback 7' ordered to stand trial

Men accused over the death of Kumunjayi Pollard in February last year have been ordered to stand trial in the Supreme Court: six have been charged with murder, the seventh with being accessory after the fact. The men were looking at and seeming to follow what Magistrate John Birch had to tell them.


‘Payback 7’: Kumunjayi Pollard hunted 'like a kangaroo'

DAY 4, second report

Kumunjayi Pollard was hunted “like a kangaroo”. This was among statements made by Lawrence Collin, one of the defendants accused over the death of Kumunjayi Pollard in February last year, during a record of interview with police. The hearing looking at whether he and his co-accused will be committed to stand trial has adjourned while Magistrate John Birch considers the records of interview made by most of the defendants and other documents of the prosecution’s brief against the accused. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

PHOTO above: The alleged crime scene north of the town. Photo courtesy ABC TV.

‘Payback 7’: sternum blow may have caused heart failure; multiple stab & puncture wounds; no evidence of genital burns

DAY 4, updated April 3, 1.30pm.


There was no evidence of burns to the genital area detected at autopsy, forensic pathologist Dr Eric Donaldson told the Alice Springs Magistrates Court today during the committal hearing into the death of Kummunjayi Pollard. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

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