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Rolfe trial would not be the ‘first’ that is widely contended

"The Northern Territory court decision this week to commit Police Constable Zachary Rolfe to stand trial for the shooting death of 19-year-old Warlpiri man...

Zachary Rolfe: is there a case to answer?

By KIERAN FINNANE The shooting of Kumanjayi Walker was “justifiable defensive conduct” on the part of Constable Zachary Rolfe, the Alice Springs Local Court heard...

Zachary Rolfe: What evidence will be relevant?

By KIERAN FINNANE What permission did police have to enter the premises in Yuendumu where Kumanjayi Walker was on the night of 9 November 2019,...

Delay in Rolfe prosecution: virus, huge brief to blame


Progress in the case being brought by NT Police against Zachary Rolfe for the alleged murder of Kumunjayi Walker has been further delayed, at least in part, by the Coronavirus shutdown. KIERAN FINNANE reports. PHOTO: Demonstration in Alice Springs following the alleged murder.

Kumanjayi Walker's families assemble legal team

Interstate barrister Andrew Boe was requested by the families, supported by senior community elders, to provide initial pro bono support and advice, says a statement from the families.

Murder accused being treated for ‘severe schizophrenia’



The information came from lawyer Maker Mayek (pictured), appearing by telephone in the Alice Springs Local Court this morning, on instructions from Pande Veleski’s family. Mr Veleski had been due to appear, but was taken to hospital.


UPDATE, 7 December 2016. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Witness threatened at murder charge hearing: ‘You’ll be dead’


CORRECTION, September 15, 2014: See FULL STORY.


UPDATE, 1pm: A 44-year-old man has been charged over this incident.


“I’m going to cut you, you’ll be dead”: these are the words I heard directed to a witness in the Alice Springs Magistrates Court yesterday, part way through the preliminary hearing of a murder charge against Sebastian Kunoth. The words in English were part of a stream of speech in an Aboriginal language by a man as he was ejected from the courtroom. The apparent threat brought the hearing to a standstill as prosecutor Stephen Geary sought to have the man arrested for intimidation of a witness. KIERAN FINNANE reports. Pictured: Inside Abbott's Camp where the alleged murder took place, photo from our archive (2008). 

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