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Mayor Ryan set to run and win?

By KIERAN FINNANE Mayor Damien Ryan seems to have given his clearest indication yet that he will contest this year’s local government election. Last Monday it...

Candidate Marli Banks: less talk, more action

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Mother of two blends social activism with hard-nosed commercial acumen. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Ms Banks volunteering at the Old Timers Fete on Saturday.


Diversity, your town needs you!

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After announcing that she will not stand in August's local government elections, Councillor Jade Kudrenko is urging candidates to put themselves forward, particularly young mothers like herself. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

What price democracy?

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Cost-cutting measures proposed for next local government elections. KIERAN FINNANE reports on Town Council news.

Town council canes Chief Minister – twice



The town council last night unanimously opposed the sale of the Territory Insurance Office (TIO), proposed by Chief Minister Adam Giles, and rejected several of his proposals for local government reform. TIO's generous flood insurance is likely to be lost.ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: The Gap, looking north-east towards the town, in the 1988 floods. By Hans Boessem.


Eli Melky standing for mayor and councillor


Alderman Eli Melky has announced that he will be standing for mayor and councillor in the March 24 local government elections.

He is in his first term (having been elected in a by-election last March) and part of a minority faction – frequently voting with Aldermen Samih Habib Bitar and Murray Stewart – who are finding it difficult to get support for their motions.

Ald Melky has also had some memorable run-ins with Mayor Damien Ryan.

In his media release he paints a bleak picture of the state of Alice Springs, besieged by "out of control youth", with businesses "closing at an alarming rate".

He says a bedtime curfew for youth under 16 is needed now more than ever.

His other policies include council taking "a proactive approach to the Melanka site" and open slather on liquor trade.

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