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NT fracking emissions will cost billions to offset

2595 fracking field SM



To offset these emissions would require the equivalent of closing virtually all of Victoria’s coal power stations, writes Mark Ogge, Principal Adviser at The Australia Institute.

30 scientists say no to fracking in the NT

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The Fracking Inquiry found a scenario submitted by the NT Government would have emissions equivalent to 18% of Australia’s emissions, writes Tom Burmester of The Australia Institute, Canberra, a public policy think tank established in 1994.


UPDATE 5:40pm Matthew Doman, of the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, provided a reply.

Fracking inquiry left me thankful, fearful, focused

The terms of reference deliberately ignore the big  issues, writes CHRIS HAWKE, of Alice Springs.

Fracking pipe 'deformation' row: The sequel

2516 deformation diagram SM


Origin Energy explains the structure of fracking wells: A heavily armoured vertical pipe, and deep under ground, a horizontal one designed for being perforated for fracking. The controversial deformed section of the pipe was in the horizontal part and the damage is not much different to the perforations used, says the company. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE February 14, 5:40pm


Statement from Origin Energy: Lock the Gate apologises to the NT Scientific Inquiry.


Fracking forum with surprising rules

2514 fracking forum SMNo recorders, no movie cameras, long speeches from the chairperson and the panel: Last chance for Alice Springs for eye-to-eye contact with the NT Government's inquiry. PHOTO: Chairperson Rachel Pepper addresses last night's forum. COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA.  

Fracking failure: Now you see it, now you don't

2514 fracking deformation 1 SM


Is "well casing deformation" an euphemism for something very nasty? Did the fracking inquiry and the NT Government cover up something? The Frack Free Alliance wants to know why an apparently whitewashed report was published by the inquiry while it and the government knew the truth. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 5:15pm

Fracking consultation meaningless charade

The candid response from the Chief Minister's Department yesterday to questions from the Alice Springs News Online has made two things crystal clear. COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA. 

If society withholds social licence, would that stop fracking?

2508 MailChimp SM

In the row over fracking, what does “social licence to operate” mean? A Social Impact Assessment doesn't make it clear, says NT FrackFree. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. VIDEO: Consultation with a surprise in Alice Springs last year: Anti fracking campaigner Jimmy Cocking moved an unscheduled motion during a meting called by Judge Pepper.  

UPDATE 4:45 pm: Replies from the Hydraulic Fracturing Taskforce, Department of the Chief Minister: The social licence is symbolic and has no legal power.

Fracking report delayed after flawed consultation

2496 Beetaloo Basin SM



A firm conducting community consultation in the Elliott area caused the fracking inquiry "utmost dismay and concern at [its] unacceptable conduct". Now the job has to be done again, delaying the final report by three months. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Fracking wells' water use double CSIRO's estimate




The interim report of the fracking inquiry shows that the drilling and fracking processes used for shale gas extraction come with inherent risks and can lead to unsafe outcomes and water pollution, writes Naomi Hogan (pictured), from Lock the Gate NT.


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