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Booth resigns from the Town Council

 Former Cr Booth's empty seat at this evening's council meeting.


Councillor Geoff Booth embroiled in a scandal over an escort agency application, resigned from the town council at 4.58pm today and no further action is being taken by the council. KIERAN FINNANE reports. UPDATED 8.58pm. See FULL STORY for further UPDATE,  October 1, 2013, 9.32 am: Full text of Cr Booth's resignation and CEO's intentions on register of councillors' and executive officers' business and property interests. 

Booth 'terminates' escort agency application

UPDATE 03:15pm Monday:

Karen Avery, of the Department of Business, says the application by the group including Cr Booth for an escort agency licence has now been withdrawn.


UPDATE 12:15pm Monday:

Cr Booth, who was expected to be attending tonight's council meeting by telephone hook-up, has this morning notified the council that he will not be attending in any form.


UPDATE 10:20am Monday:

Karen Avery, of the Department of Business, said this morning: "There has been some indication that the licence application may be withdrawn. However, the Department of Business or the NT Licensing Commission have not received any formal withdrawal yet."


Town Council CEO Rex Mooney (pictured) was told by Councillor Geoff Cr Booth that he had "terminated" his application for an escort agency operator's licence. But in a written report to tomorrow's council meeting Mr Mooney says:  "Cr Booth's withdrawal of this application does not in any real way satisfy or even deal with the concerns raised" by council solicitor Chris Turner, whom he instructed to provide legal advice following "media attention" focusing on Cr Booth's place of residence and escort agency plans. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

What partner in Alice escort agency has to offer




A glimpse at the website of Maxine's Gentlemen's Club may offer a hint of what Councillor Geoff Booth's escort agency has in store for the town. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Has councillor brought Town Council into disrepute?

Questions of bringing the town council into disrepute and residency requirements of the Electoral Act will be raised in the public part of the meeting of the Town Council on Monday. This follows the disclosure by the Alice Springs News Online that Councillor Geoff Booth is the director of a new escort agency in Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Councillor Booth director of new Alice escort agency




UPDATED: On council website, he is a "family man, proud resident of Alice."


A town councillor, Geoffrey John Booth (pictured), is a director and secretary of an escort agency being set up in Alice Springs, and the CEO of Imparja television, Alistair Feehan, is a shareholder. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

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