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Cops @ bottlos: Give us the numbers!



Hospital emergency department admissions are soaring as there a gaps in police attendance at bottle shops, claims Dr. John Boffa (pictured) of the People’s Alcohol Action Coalition.

New Emergency Department delivering results




The Alice Springs Hospital community is celebrating the first anniversary of the new Emergency Department, which has has recorded more than 43,000 attendances since the Country Liberals Government built the larger facility in mid-June last year. This is more than 3000 patients than the older facility was able to treat in the previous 12 months, writes Minister for Health ROBYN LAMBLEY. 

Congress: Not asking for more, but don't give us less

The wish list of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, for whomever will gain power in Canberra, contains not what it wants to get, but what it doesn't want taken away. In a swirl of rumored spending cuts, where will the money come from to drive the newly chosen direction? The 40-year-old NGO that has a budget of $38m a year, for both town and "auspiced" services. More than 70% comes from the Feds. Congress has 300 employees, half of them Aboriginal. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

IMAGE from the Congress annual report 2010-11, as published on the web.

A place to go to be made well again





A gripping inma – dance – by traditional healers  – nangkaris – today opened the $25m new hospital emergency department in Alice Springs with a story that will unfold there many times in reality: Mothers bringing their sick children to a place where they can be made well again. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

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