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NT Government to tender on racial grounds

By ERWIN CHLANDA The NT Government will let contracts for maintenance and repairs of remote dwellings on racial grounds. “Procurement for future contracts will focus on...

Ongoing discrimination at the library

By KIERAN FINNANE Update, 2 September 2020, 8.45am: An entity associated with the Bahá'í community has been contracted by the Town Council to run a youth...

Remove religious exemption, says COGSO

2456 Tabby Fudge SM



There is no good faith in exempting religious schools and allowing them to refuse enrolment, expel students or sack school staff based on their sexuality, writes Tabby Fudge, (pictured) President of the Northern Territory Council of Government School Organisations.

Reverse discrimination: Views differ in the NT and the US

25103 Protesters against Harvard SM



Affirmative action in the US remains hotly debated while over here the one-sided allocation of public money is done without hesitation. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Protesters at a demonstration against Harvard University’s admissions process. Adam Glanzman/Bloomberg/Getty Images.

Black money

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Race will determine where the money will go following three NT Government decisions announced this week. COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA. Pictured are Ministers Dale Wakefield (at left) and Ken Vowles (at right).

CLC wants say about Indigenous voice to Parliament

2480 CLC council 1 SMCLC delegates want to be part of designing an Aboriginal body advising the Parliament to ensure it represents remote communities and acts against racially discriminatory laws.

Income management: a lot of pain for little gain?

UPDATED November 30, 9.21am.


"There appears to be a large number of people subject to Compulsory Income Management who are unlikely to benefit from this measure, and for whom the restrictions of income management can create unnecessary frustrations and challenges." So conclude the authors of an independent evaluation of the controversial measure in their first report. A second report, not due until 2014, will include an economic evaluation, answering the question of whether the measure delivers value for money compared to other interventions. KIERAN FINNANE reports. 

Hot debate in council over youth curfew, public stays away

barometer of popular support did not augur well for Alderman Eli
Melky's youth curfew motion: the public gallery at last night's council
meeting was half empty. A few people from the youth sector had turned up
and Acting Commander Michael White from the NT Police was also there.
But the 1000 plus signatories of the petition circulated by Alds Melky
and Samih Habib Bitar, who seconded his motion, had stayed away in
droves. Perhaps its defeat had been accepted as a fait accompli.
Nonetheless, the issues were hotly debated by aldermen. Pictured:
Young opponent of a curfew, Gavin Henderson, who organised a petition
against the proposal, with supporters, counsellor and independent
candidate for Greatorex at the next NT election, Phil Walcott, and
Alderman Sandy Taylor, chair of council's Corporate and Community
Services committee.  KIERAN FINNANE reports.

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