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Council not font of wisdom, but conduit for public concerns



Let's be the world's solar city, a cycling Mecca, go for digital connectivity, electric vehicles, public transport, renewable energy and accessible open spaces writes Jason Quin, Candidate for Councillor.


Alice council heading for Donald Trump style dynasty?

p2405 Donald Trump SM2460 Joshua Burgoyne SM



Mayor Damien Ryan is set to become the father-in-law of youthful council candidate Joshua Burgoyne (at right) in next month's election. Walking in the footsteps of Donald Trump (at left)?


Fracking with our water supply? By-election could make difference

Some candidates are against the controversial practice.

Aiming for an events led tourism recovery




Cranking up tourism by starting, developing and attracting major sporting and social events, and giving his kids a reason for staying in town, being part of its growth: That's the aim of council candidate Jamie deBrenni (pictured). ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Bonanni has strong lead in council poll




Kylie Bonanni (pictured), with 4223 first preference votes, has a convincing lead over Matty Day (2253) at the close of primary votes counting for the Alice Springs Town Council by-election yesterday. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Council candidate well placed to boost tourism




Council candidate Kylie Bonanni (pictured) is a member of the Tourism NT board and says as a councillor she would be in a good position to re-direct the focus of government promotion form Darwin to Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA spoke with her.

Town council candidate had restraining order




John Bridgefoot (pictured), a candidate for the town council by-election this month has had a restraining order made against him and was convicted for breaching it. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Penelope Bergen, ABC Local.

We need public-friendly public places


Over the last few weeks I've been amused watching the disabled access steps and walls go up in Todd Mall. I’m not sure how the construction of steps is aiding better disabled access but the Mayor and Co seemed to be very pleased with it all at the launch a few weeks back.

Since, I have noted the unimaginative use of a dull ochre colour to paint the walls, rendering them to almost camouflage, along with the general lack of imagination and the bricks that make up Todd Mall.

People have been placing bets as to when the first tag or graffiti might appear on the walls but I am yet to arrive to work and find any interesting public art or belligerent tagging. I know personal taste divides what is art and what is eyesore. But that’s another spray can of words.

Anyway, yesterday morning a council fellow was busy measuring and pondering and placing little metal brackets along the wall. My first thought? That council was going to erect something similar to those pigeon deterrents for the people that have taken to drinking their coffee on the wall. Or maybe planter boxes – also a sly people-sitting deterrent – but no. What we have are skater stoppers! By late afternoon the dozen or so fittings had been fitted and the job was done. Skaters are now officially stopped.

Nose-diving CBD: it happened on the 11th Council's watch

When the aldermen and Mayor Damien Ryan now seeking re-election, were standing for council in 2008, law and order and alcohol regulation were at the top of the local agenda and there they've pretty much stayed for the four years since. What's new is the dramatic decline of the Alice Springs town centre. Two weeks ago I suggested it might be a "shuddering readjustment"; now it  is starting to feel like a nose-dive, with the voluntary administration of the Memo Club and the closure of the Town & Country Tavern made public knowledge on the one day.

The picture is one of a town centre being abandoned, even while we talk about its rejuvenation or revitalisation. The term may soon have to be resurrection.

KIERAN FINNANE looks at where we were four years ago and where we have got to now.


Pictured: Alice Springs closed for business? The southern end of Todd Mall around 6.15pm last night. Dead as a doornail.

Mayor's challengers take shots at one another

Many might think that the four challengers to Mayor Damien Ryan have entered into a strategic alliance to oust him. Not so, says Steve Brown, going so far as to criticise the capabilities of his main rival in the conservative camp, Alderman Eli Melky.

Ald Melky refrains from doing the same, even copping on the chin Mr Brown's criticism of his being "green" (in the sense of young and inexperienced) and "muddled" . But Ald Melky says Mr Brown and Dave Douglas, neither of whom have served on council, will face the same challenges as he did 12 months ago, when he was elected following a by-election. His advantage over them now is that he understands council processes, including what goes on "behind closed doors".

Mr Brown says "political experience" as well as experience of the town and its issues are what counts and that there's "no comparison" between him and Ald Melky.

"I know the issues and understand the town and its politics intimately. Eli Melky gets himself muddled and confused. His heart is in the right place but he doesn't know how to put up a good argument.

"If he sticks around for a few more years he'll become a good candidate."

Meanwhile, they are both trying to brand Mayor Ryan as a "Labor man", as Labor-affilated candidate Vince Jeisman has been handing out his how-to-vote cards at pre-polling.

So have a number of other candidates, says Mayor Ryan.

He says he works diligently with the NT Labor Government to get I can for the town" and wants to know how Steve Brown thinks he'll do the top job without doing the same. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

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