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Tag: bush foods

Blending bush tucker with European cuisine?

By ERWIN CHLANDA Bush food from The Centre seems set to play a role in international export and investment as relations with China are in...

'Lost' man survived on bushfood banquet

2612 echidna SM2612 bush passionfruit 2 SMBush passionfruit (at right), sugarbag and echidnas (at left) are likely to have been on the menu for Harold Morton who walked out of his community with just the clothes he was wearing, and survived in the bush for more than two weeks in blistering heat. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Bush foods: how can wild harvesters get a piece of the pie?

p2510 Bush foods Titree women FWalsh SM
How to shift attention in the bush foods industry from "the top of the value chain” to supporting the women harvesting the plants and seeds in the wild: that is the challenge, says industry trail-blazer Rayleen Brown. One of the essential supports is combatting buffel grass, which is compromising the harvest.  KIERAN FINNANE reports.

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A great time for secs

By GEOFF MIERS As we approach the depths of winter it's necessary to sharpen the secateurs in readiness for pruning many plants in the garden...

Netball to feature top games

By STEVE MENZIES With the two KFC A-Grade netball teams drawn against Yeperenye A-Reserves sides, netball fans should look through the other grades for their...

Making water from air

By OSCAR PERRI Making water out of thin air? They're doing it in Tennant Creek. It's called atmospheric water capturing technology. Early results from the groundbreaking...