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Pandemic starts to show in drop of tourism spend

By ERWIN CHLANDA The onset of the pandemic is showing up in these figures for years ending in June, supplied by Tourism Research Australia (TRA)...

Mereenie road seal crucial for tourism recovery

By ERWIN CHLANDA “The industry is on its knees. We are basically in our darkest hour.” Patrick Bedford (pictured) became chairman of Tourism Central Australia (TCA)...

Stick it on your fridge. It's downhill from here.



This will be the high point in tourism earnings for possibly a long time to come. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Alice pips Rock in tourism earnings



The desert capital earns close to half a billion dollars from visitors in the year to September 2019, according to statistics from Tourism Research Australia. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Trekking the Larapinta Trail in the West MacDonnells. Tourism NT / Allan Dixon.

Visitor spend increased in 2018/19


But The Rock remains far ahead of Alice Springs and MacDonnell combined, as fresh Tourism Research Australia statistics show. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Part of the crowd at the A cappella in the Gorge, at Ormiston this year. Many came from interstate and overseas.

Alice vs The Rock, at a glance



Tourist spend: The gap continues to widen. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Rock, Alice: Widening the gap

2630 tourism figures graph SM



Tourism Research Australia figures show earnings increases Territory-wide for 2018 but in The Centre, the Ayers Rock and Kings Canyon resorts remain on the ascendancy while Alice Springs continues to slide. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Subsidised electricity: the goose and the gander

2584 Ayers Rock Resort SM



While the Granites gold mines get no help from the NT Government with it massive power bills, the Ayers Rock Resort  – the major competitor of Alice Springs in the tourism market – is subsidised by the public. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Is Rock getting solar power at price of fossil?

2563 Rock solar 3 SM



The Australian Renewable Energy Agency says a solar deal at the Ayers Rock Resort demonstrates that "renewable energy can be commercially competitive with fossil fuels in remote, off-grid locations". But it is not clear on what electricity rates that claim is based. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Hot and dry? Stand by for more, tourism.

2514 Field of Light Yulara by Bruce Munro SM


The tourism industry is both the most vulnerable and one of the least prepared for the impacts of climate change, says a think tank report released today. It predicts for The Centre 100 days above 35°C every year, 19 days more than now, and by 2090, more than 160 days. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. IMAGE from the report: “Field of Light” installation by artist Bruce Munro in Yulara.

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