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Greening a carpark – lessons for the baking acres in town centre

By KIERAN FINNANE The site was “brutal”: the concrete forecourt of the former Oasis garage, facing west, unfenced, often used as an informal carpark. That was...

Kaytetye woman Jean Pepperill in final year of medicine



"I never thought I’d be able to do my entire medical degree in the Territory, let alone spend so much time in Alice Springs," says the Barrow Creek-born woman. Report by AMELIA SKACZKOWSKI. 

Lambley: Asbestos just one problem in hospital




Lambley says asbestos removal would cost $500m and renews her calls for a new building by 2030.


Big donations from clubs for hospital equipment




The three Alice Springs Rotary clubs have made a substantial donation for two pieces of medical equipment to enhance the delivery of care to children.


New Emergency Department delivering results




The Alice Springs Hospital community is celebrating the first anniversary of the new Emergency Department, which has has recorded more than 43,000 attendances since the Country Liberals Government built the larger facility in mid-June last year. This is more than 3000 patients than the older facility was able to treat in the previous 12 months, writes Minister for Health ROBYN LAMBLEY. 

Questions about stroke treatment at Alice hospital

UPDATE Wednesday, July 31


A spokesman for the health department has provided the following comment: "We have a town with relatively few stroke patients and those strokes are more likely to be haemorrhagic where this treatment does not work and makes the stroke worse.


"The treatment of patients who present with a stroke to Alice Springs Hospital is tailored to the clinical need of the patient and additional advice sought from specialist staff interstate if required."


To bust or not to bust, that is the question – and it's one of life and death. The Alice Hospital does not use clot busting medication, other than Aspirin. But Dr Andrew Lee, of the Flinders stroke clinic in Adelaide says clot busting medication is a good thing. Photo: Clinical Nurse Manager Jeanette Berthelson in the recently opened emergency department of the Alice hospital. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


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