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Festival funding, take two?

p2255 Alice Festival 1



Alice Desert Festival – will they apply for Federal funds this time 'round? ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Four 'pop ups' in line for the mall



Four of Todd Mall's vacant premises will be brought back to life by pop up ventures during the Alice Desert Festival and Desert Mob. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Festival thinks deep and wide





The Alice Desert Festival program strikes a good balance between creativity with deep roots in the community and some stimulating imports, writes Kieran Finnane.

The art of walking



Participants meet at the Alice Desert Festival hub in the Youth Centre and follow performer Fina Po to a gathering point opposite the Todd Tavern. This event is called Out Hear in Alice Springs, so I’m expecting an emphasis on listening. Po tells us that she will lead a walk in silence – that is, without talk between us. Not talking will help us pay greater than usual attention. KIERAN FINNANE writes about her Out Hear experience.

Extreme fun: the 24 Hour Dance Marathon

p2134-Fest-24Dance-5p2134-Fest-24Dance-1No one dropped and you couldn’t beat it for sheer exuberance: the 23rd hour of the Alice Desert Festival’s 24 Hour Dance Marathon. Esther Nunn in the foreground (left) lasted the distance, one of three soloists to do so. The event was initiated by the SO REAL live arts company, principals Franca Barraclough and Melissa Kerl at right.  Story and photos by KIERAN FINNANE.

Dance till you drop



The countdown in the Alice Desert Festival marathon dancing has begun. At hour four of twenty-four, the dance floor is packed and the energy high. KIERAN FINNANE reports.


The Package delivers on life's big themes

p2134 Fest Package 10

For anyone who has grown old, who has feared growing old, who has watched a love one grow old; for anyone who has had a child, who has longed for child, who has lost a child; for any woman who has given birth; for anyone in lust, in young love; for anyone afraid of dying, for anyone wanting to meet death with equanimity – The Package is for you. Such is its broad sweep. Life’s package, with an emphasis on the female experience. KIERAN FINNANE reviews a theatrical production that is bound to be a highlight of this year’s Alice Desert Festival

Let the Alice Desert Festival begin!



Last night's street parade, as opener for the festival, was colorful, noisy and fun for all involved, yet ...

Let the festivals multiply!





These are the last days of grace before Alice gets frantic with festivals.

Alice Desert Festival: big league on the agenda


"I want to get the festival up to a national level where it is considered on par with the Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane festivals, not in terms of scale but of content and programming." That is the mission, as she describes it, of Mary-Jane Reynolds, the manager of the Alice Desert Festival. For the moment, bigger funding and closer ties with Aboriginal artists are still works in progress. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Katlend Griffin and Robbie Hoad.


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