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Panel of just two for controversial Ilparpa decision

2567 DCA meeting SM


Four day count-down to the Ilparpa "transport terminal" decision which is being made by a skeleton panel. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Photo: The crucial public meeting on Wednesday. The chairperson and just two Development Consent Authority members were there, David Koch and Alistair Feehan. Marli Banks (at left) was barred soon after this photo was taken. Jamie de Brenni and Jimmy Cocking were at a social function for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.


UPDATE: Dashcam footage provided by a reader showing a vehicle having to get off Ilparpa road due to a "donga truck".

Training facility for cattle workers to be launched

Chris Nott SM



A facility for training fledgeling workers in the cattle industry will be launched this morning and will be named after prominent pastoralist Grant Heaslip, says NT Cattlemen’s Association president Chris Nott (pictured).

NAPLAN a flawed measurement, review needed: COGSO

2524 Tabby Fudge 1 SM


The Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority is not able to compare paper and online results and the test data may be invalid. The government also needs to deliver quality internet services and capacity for remote NT schools with low or no bandwidth, writes Tabby Fudge (pictured), President of the NT Council of Government School Organisations.

Harts Range: Four legs or three, it was on for young and old

2568 Harts Range pic 3 SM new2568 Harts Range pic 16 SM new


A bet between cattlemen and a police officer 71 years gave the Territory its Picnic Day, and in The Centre that means a bush weekend that couldn't get any better. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photos by NIKKI WESTOVER.

Beer and the tax man’s triple tipple

2567 beer SM



It’s beer drinkers who are paying the most in alcohol tax despite imbibing a fraction of the alcohol. Why, asks Brett Heffernan, CEO, Brewers Association of Australia.

Realistic Re-Power Alice plan for 100% solar

2567 silico SM



How many renewable electricity sources are there? And how many ways of storing it? How much time have you got, asks RICHARD BENTLEY. 

Ilparpa dongas depot: Will Tony Smith get a permit?

2567 rural area trucks 2 OK

Attitudes harden on both sides of the creeping industrialisation of the farm areas: 90 write submissions to oppose a depot for 130 demountable buildings in Ilparpa while the applicant is pushing to get Development Consent Authority approval. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. ABOVE: Disputed land use also in Chateau Road.

PM's visit poorly planned political stunt: Snowdon




Turnbull failed to address issues of education funding, family violence and money for implementing recommendations of a Royal Commission he called for and part-funded, writes Warren Snowdon (pictured), MHR for Lingiari.

Tennant Hotel cops 48 hour licence suspension




Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw (pictured) gives a string of incidents as reasons. This follows the suspension of Piggly Wiggly's licence in Alice Springs last week.

National Aboriginal art gallery: The horse and the cart




The Alice Springs make or break project, the Aboriginal national art gallery, has the town – breathlessly – waiting for the NT Government's basic research: “We have been advised this information is being compiled and will be made available shortly," says the Chamber of Commerce chairman Dave Batic (pictured). Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.

'A memoir of finding things, not just losing them'

p2547 Frank Byrne Delphene Byrne SMp2547 Living in hope cover SM
"Frank Byrne was removed from his family by the Western Australian government on his sixth birthday. Recalling watching his parents recede into the distance, he tells the reader: 'I think I went mad.' That bewildered boy grew to be a very sane and reflective old man, and with the help of Frances Coughlan and Gerard Waterford, he polished his memory of childhood until it is a little gem called Living in hope." TIM ROWSE reviews this winner of Best Non-Fiction in the 2018 Territory Read awards.

Pine Gap polarises town on push for peace

p2546 Hiroshima group 660p2546 Hiroshima garden 400
Hiroshima Day, August 6, is the occasion for many around the world to push for a nuclear-free, peaceful future. Among the challenges to building momentum on this issue in Alice Springs is the polarisation created by the presence of Pine Gap: “People don’t want to offend their friends and neighbours” who work at the military base. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

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