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Bye-bye TIO, hello massive flood insurance premiums?




Chief Minister Adam Giles remains hell-bent on selling TIO and the deal is rumoured to be announced today. He would be doing so in the face of massive opposition, with the cost of flood insurance a major issue. COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA. PHOTO

by Hans Boessem, Todd Camera Store. 1988 floods.


Zoning approval for White Gums subdivision



The Brown family has been granted a change of zoning for their land at White Gums, in the south-western corner of the municipality, where they are planning a major subdivision. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Government by staged media event




Government by information-poor, staged media events has become the trademark for the Chief Ministership of Adam Giles. COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA.


Not just the height, but also the look




The Planning Commission wants your views not just on how high you want buildings to be, but also what they should look like. ERWIN CHLANDA spoke with commission chairman Gary Nairn (pictured).


CLC says 'no' to nuke dump




The Central Land Council has all but ruled out a nuclear dump on Aboriginal land it controls – roughly half of the Territory's southern half. A "comprehensive proposal" is missing, says CLC director David Ross.

Trucks, hot rods revving up




The roar of engines is a favourite sound for many locals and they will have a field day next year – 14 of them, to be exact. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


China live export would boost cattle industry recovery




A $1b live export deal with China could be the most significant benefit to the cattle industry in The Centre in more than a decade, after nine years of drought and two years when shipping "on the hoof" was banned by the Federal Government. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Alice student tops NT, SA in English




Indian-born St Philip's College Year 7 student, Abeer Srivastava, won a gold medal for the top result in English in the NT and SA.


The art of business




Running their own textile design business moved a step closer this year for print-makers Kathy Inkamala and Lavinia Richards. At Batchelor Institute’s visual art studio, while continuing to produce their outstanding screenprints, they have learned to develop their designs as digital prints, allowing them to move towards larger scale production. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Minister for Racing – just for the day



As usual, there are winners and losers on Melbourne Cup Day, you can see it in their faces, but the "yessss" gesture of Health Minister Robyn Lambley (in broad brimmed hat) leaves little doubt in which category she was today when Protectionist won the race that stops a nation. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


TIO sale must be stopped: Opposition




The CLP must halt the sale of TIO and the party needs to come clean on how advanced with the TIO sale they are, writes Natasha Fyles, Shadow Minister for Government Accountability.

Mushroom Award: we have a new winner!




Congratulations to Ken Vowles (pictured), NT Shadow Minister for Indigenous Policy, the latest winner of the Mushroom Award.


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