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The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

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Drug haul estimated at $850,000

2499 cannabis SM



Police allege two men were running drugs from South Australia.


Masterpiece to be lost as gallery planning plods on

2499 Earth’s Creation SM2499 Emily Kame Kngwarreye SMNo bids from government nor council at auction of Earth's Creation (at left) by Emily Kngwarreye (at right). Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.

Guilty: unanimous jury verdict for Peace Pilgrim

p2499i Paul Christie 270
The jury took little more than half an hour to reach their unanimous verdict. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

UPDATE, 15 November 2017, 6.15pm: Crown wants Peace Pilgrim to serve real time in gaol.

Troubled kids: A year with little to show for

2499 street kids SM



In the past three months, only one out of every 41 youth detainees in the NT was not Aboriginal. And on any given day, more young Aboriginal people on remand, without convictions, fill youth detention centres than those with convictions. PATHI RAJ reports.


Pine Gap's nuclear role and the alternative

p2499j Pine Gap Kim & rocket SM


RICHARD TANTER, an acknowledged academic expert on nuclear weapons and international relations, describes the role of Pine Gap in a possible nuclear confrontation between the United States and an enemy state such a North Korea, and argues for the alternative, a nuclear ban treaty, already signed onto by the majority of the world’s governments.

MyFuel prices up instead of down

2499 MFuel SM



The Government got it wrong with the MyFuel web site which requires retailers to publish retail fuel prices, writes Opposition Leader Gary Higgins. 


Here we go again …

2499 council chambers in rain SMIMG_4106 SMThe only "electrical activity" in town didn't come from the power station but from the sky. The black-out has forced tonight's council meeting to be postponed. The photo of the municipal chambers without the lights on (at left) is by Councillor Eli Melky, from his office across the road – also in darkness. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. AT RIGHT: But come 6:55pm and it's all over bar the shouting.

Mystery fault may have triggered blackout

2499 Remote Operations Centre SM



A long-time fault in the general area of the Sienna Village is likely to have caused Thursday's blackout, and it took the new Remote Operations Centre in Darwin (picture by Territory Generation) too long to bring power back to Alice, says the Electrical Trades Union. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Call for public to monitor police at bottle shops

2498 cop at bottlo SM



Keep an eye on the cops at bottle shops, says alcohol control campaigner: A vicious cycle occurs when TBLs have gaps, booze purchases increase, causing a spike in crime that requires further withdrawals of police from points of sale, says PAAC. Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.


Government breaches faith over CM appointment

2498 Cliff Weeks



Professional correspondence between the Alice Springs News Online and the Chief Minister's department was passed on to lawyers for Cliff Weeks (pictured) whose quarter of a million dollars a year appointment to the department's Alice Springs office is subject to defamation action against The Australian newspaper. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


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