Cattlemen elect new president


The Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association, meeting in Alice Springs, has elected NT cattle producer David Connolly as its 14th president.

Taking over from Chris Nott, who has held the position for the past three years, Mr Connolly brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to his new role, says a media release.

After an agency career spanning almost 20 years, the former livestock and stud stock manager, salesman and auctioneer, oversaw the acquisition of livestock assets in Chile, New Zealand and Australia, before taking over as General Manager of Tipperary, Litchfield and Douglas West Station in 2015.

“I will battle on behalf of the Association’s cattle producing members, especially when it comes to several ongoing challenges, such as increases in regulatory costs in the live export industry that are being pushed back onto producers, legal challenges, regulations around the Petroleum and Mining Act, and ongoing infrastructure issues,” Mr Connolly said.

Photo Farm Weekly.


  1. What is wrong with the Cattlemen’s Association? Why do they keep giving lead roles to identities with agendas contrary to the long term interests of the Northern Territory and the NT’s beef trade? Who are their members anyway?
    So many ex-gas lobbyists over recent years (and where has that gotten us except for fractured communities and government handouts to the pathetic gas industry?) … and now the NT Cattlemen’s associations members have put David Connolly, chairman of the Cotton Gin Development Group in the driver’s seat! Has he even stepped down from his role as Cotton Industry chief lobbyist?
    David Connolly’s quote as at February 24, 2021 on the current NT Cotton Industry focus: “Mr Connolly said that … the industry may be looking for support from the government for publicly funded infrastructure such as roads, power and water.”
    So really, just another lobbyist looking for handouts from government. What happened to the authentic NT Cattle Man?
    Like all these new industry opportunities for “Developing the North” there’s so many promises about how great the prospects are, but as my grandfather used to say, it all comes down to three things: Water, water, water.


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