1. We’ve received no acknowledgment of our email, let alone a reply. Terrible. What chance do ordinary people have then?

  2. There’s obviously plenty of money for The Bungalow project. Minister Wyatt needs to seriously review his decision not to finance The Bungalow history. We all owe this to the stolen children. Charlie Perkins would have followed this up.

  3. Frank, my family have been dealing with CLC for the last 42 years [and with] David Ross and his followers, lawyer James Nugent, anthropologist Brian Connolly and now David Avery back in the picture.
    We have had many a meetings with these people as Traditional Owners. Resolution 2014 passed by the Full Council of 90 members. Asked for minutes – never all these years.
    In the last few months, 22nd July, dealing with Ken Wyatt, Minister Aboriginal Affairs, Prime Minister and Cabinet who handed our problems with all these family run organisations, Central Land Council, to the National Indigenous Australians Agency.
    Mr Ryan Bulman, Group Manager, and Commonwealth Ombudsman, signed Billy, Investigation Officer no surname. Maybe Billy the Kid.
    We have had more feed back in these last months than the last 42 years from CLC.
    Hoping our people will get some satisfaction out of the billions for education, health and housing. Russell Pengarte Bray, Arunta Man.


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