Federation Party announces candidates: more councillors joining the fray


Two more Town Councillors are throwing their hats in the ring in the upcoming Territory election, and a third one is organising them. From left: Kenny Japangardi Lechleitner (not a councillor), Catherine Satour and Marli Banks.


As members of the Federation Party, whose NT leader is Eli Melky, also a Town Councillor, Catherine Satour will stand in the seat of Namatjira and Marli Banks in Braitling.


That brings to five the members of council with a declared party interest in the Territory election, with four actually contesting seats.


The Federation Party has also announced Kenny Lechleitner as its candidate in the seat of Gwoya.


In a media release, the team committed to “making sure central Australia becomes the centre of Government focus again, protecting our community and repairing our broken economy”. 


“2020 is the make or break year with added pressure of managing the COVID 19 pandemic which continues to be a priority for all Territorians and Australians,” said the release.


The candidates are “well positioned to provide strong and proven leadership”, the release said. 


Catherine Satour is an Alice Springs local, singer, mentor and home owner who cares about families and the electorate of Namatijira. 


Having a working background in the arts, media, business administration and governance she has extensive experience in working on social and community issues. Her priorities are housing, essential services, health, community justice and safety for the region.


“It would be my privilege to take the concerns of the Namatjira residents directly to Parliament House in Darwin and ensure your voice is heard. 


“I am proud of my contribution in Alice Springs Town Council, the highlight being part of the leadership managing COVID-19 while delivering a budget with a zero rate rise for the next financial year.  I am also proud to have led with support the raising the Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill.”


Marli Banks is a mother of three and established local businesswoman with a diverse cross section of professional experience in retail, tourism, hospitality, gaming, sports betting, NGOs and at Local Government.   


“I am committed to making SAFE Alice Springs and protecting against the compulsory acquisition of ANZAC Oval.


“Our community needs an urgent refresh of leadership that will make sure your voice is heard in Parliament and that decisions are made in the best interest of our community.


“The motivation behind my decision to run comes from the frustration of dealing with the poor decisions and unacceptable neglect of our town by this government.”


Kenny Japangardi Lechleitner brings many years of working with communities who are desperately in need of a strong voice that will help shape a collective future.


The electorate of Gwoya now has real choice for change, with Mr Lechleitner focused on bringing social and economic inclusion for all participants and driving regional economic change for the bush. He will also advocate for an inclusive law and order policy with shared cultural principles of civics.


“The Communities of Gwoya need an inclusive educational pathway to higher learning for our young people and I would love to see real rehabilitation for our people in correctional services,”  said Mr Lechleitner.





  1. No wonder the councils been so bloody dysfunctional.
    You have Damien running as a candidate.
    You have Matt running as a candidate.
    You have Marli running as a candidate.
    You have Cathy running as a candidate.
    You have Jamie DeBrennie as the vice-president of the CLP.
    You have Jacinta Price running in the previous Federal election.
    At the moment Glen Auricht and Jimmy Cocking are the only ones not sticking knives into one another.
    These people are simply warming seats while eyeing up bigger ones and completely incapable of working with one another over even the small things like municipal services.
    How the hell are they gonna work together in Parliament?

  2. This is a legitimate question to the candidates or the party leader:

    Have any of the candidates established and operated a successful company and if so, what was it?

    I see Marli is described as a “business woman” but this is somewhat vague.

    Government is a business, when you don’t run it as a business you end up with endless programs and massive debts – just like what we currently have.

  3. Aren’t all members of community eligible to put hat in ring? Limiting your focus to Council is short sighted and more to the point high numbers of candidates is a reflection of Central Australia being dissatisfied with the current government. Good on them for stepping up.

  4. I listened to the ABC this morning with Mr Brash interviewing Councillor Marli Banks, or at least endeavoured to do so.
    Dismayed is not the word I felt, it was worse.
    Mr Brash was frustrated as was the electorate to the point he confronted Ms Banks on policy and of course Ms Banks was a policy vacuum. I cringed with embarrassment, it was not a good day for women inspired to go into politics.
    Ms Banks is on the record for putting Council motions on conflict of interests for the councillors / representatives to run for State / Territory politics. Something reported in eastern states media and described as backward and uneducated in the Northern Territory.
    Now she, like Mr Mills, has backflipped. Mr Mills versus Ms Banks in a sort of politics Olympics race for hypocritical behaviour.
    Mr Mills I feel may well tie with Ms Banks. Though based on current form it may well be Ms Banks who wins the gold medal for political disingenuousness.
    It really hurts our democracy when people calling themselves politicians so blatantly feel deception is an accepted part of their political ambitions.
    We are not troglodytes, Ms Banks.
    Please do not vote for politicians that treat us with such disdain, it only encourages bad behaviour in our community and retards good honest people entering community leadership.

  5. Is this the same Marli Banks that said that there is a conflict of interest with councillors in office using their position to influence issues if running for state government?
    I can see her sports betting background, having a two way bet is a bit much.

  6. In my opinion (for what it’s worth) our council should be dismissed and replaced by rates payers called in like in a jury’s summons, or the government could put in an administrator. What a circus!

  7. Judging by the comments this mob got people nervous. Sending in the trolls only strengthens the community support.

  8. Get ready for hard times when the government money dries up.
    Reminds me of studying at Uni, the “Phony War” of WWII. The free world at war with the Axis powers with no shots fired. Then London blitzed with great devastation.
    Jobkeeper will end soon and our great tourism industry is dead, Gunner government is a financial joke covering up their incompetence and dead broke as are the Feds and we have wanna be politicians that protest against their own actions.
    Marli Banks, I cannot believe you are running?
    You put the motion in council for a conflict of interest yet you backflip? If this is the best we can do then I feel for the youth of the Territory.

  9. Arrunta Man – Not so sure of your theory.
    Marli will struggle to be anywhere near competitive in Braitling. Catherine will also have a tough time find relevance in Namatjira. Kenny in Gwoya I am not so sure, but I would anticipate a Labor win there.


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