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3,500,000 steps in the right direction

A Heart Foundation walking group, Active in Alice, clocked up almost 3.5 million steps in just four weeks, equivalent to walking to Katherine and back.


They had to stretch out alone because walking in a group was suspended during the lock-down.


Challenge winner Vicky Crowley walked a total of 936,872 steps. In the last week of the challenge she completed a full day’s hike, walking a total of 56,339 steps in one day.


Mayor Damien Ryan (pictured getting his certificate from Marilyn Kleemann), came third. The Town Council supports the group.


“Walking for an average of 30 minutes a day can help lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes by 30 to 40 percent,” says the Heart Foundation’s Sarah George.


When operating normally, the Active in Alice group meets on at 7am on Saturdays at Alice Springs Town Council. It is a dog-friendly group that walks for 45 to 60 minutes.





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