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Gunner Government needs to come clean on debt

Sir – Today’s shocking news that the Territory faces losing more than 21,000 jobs is why the Gunner Government needs to tell Territorians what economic plan it has.
The economy is a shambles and it’s not all Coronavirus caused. For two years we have had the worst performing economy in the nation.
When the Gunner Government came to power in 2016, it inherited a debt of $1.8 billion which has blown out to $6.2 billion predicted this year.
No one really knows the true debt figure because the Chief Minister refuses to tell Territorians the truth.
The Gunner Government only wants to be judged on how the National Cabinet has handled COVID-19 and for us to forget its management before that.
The four years just gone have been a tale of wasteful spending, budget blow outs and economic mismanagement. Businesses have been shutting their doors and people have been leaving to start a life somewhere else.
Lea Finocchiaro, Opposition Leader (pictured).



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