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NT dismal in State of the States Report

Sir – The Commsec State of the States Report reinforces a poor economic picture for the NT.
One of the most worrying indicators is population growth, where the Territory is down 163% over the decade average.
It’s a sad indication that under the Gunner Government, people aren’t seeing opportunities to live and work in the Territory.
Other poor indicators include: Unemployment up nearly 34%, well above the decade average.
The Territory is the worst in home finance with home loan commitments down 4.8% on a year ago.
Dwelling starts were 63% below the decade average. Construction work is down a whopping 36% on a year ago.
Retail spending is down one percent on the decade average, the worst result of all jurisdictions.
The Gunner Government can’t cover its tracks with the billions of economic stimulus spent by the Federal Government to temper the COVID-19 crisis. Its economic record is terrible shown by the latest data in this report.
We have consistently had the worst performing economy in the nation and Territorians are sick of it. We don’t deserve to be last, we deserve to be first, but we have a Government with no drive, no vision and no capability to deliver.
Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro.
PLEASE NOTE: “One of the most worrying indicators is population growth, where the Territory is down 163% over the decade average.” At 9am on April 29 we inserted the word “growth” for clarity, with Ms Finocchiaro’s consent.


  1. The Northern Territory should be booming its head off, we have a huge flat land that allows easy extraction of minerals, stations with cattle stacked full if we want.
    Infrastructure and technology of a first world country.
    We are on the doorstep of economies with 7-10% GDP yet why cannot the Northern Territory cut the mustard and take advantage and put us on the road to prosperity?
    The truth is those in the Houses of Credit do not trust Territory Government or the Indigenous industry, we cannot provide a investment climate free of Indigenous land claims, courts that take years to settle claims, deals that need royalties paid to Indigenous communities that do absolutely nothing, but turn up to get their free money.
    Some government agencies are anti economic growth and are in reality paid activists.
    The NT Government dare not oppose as their positions become undermined by Indigenous groups that interfere politically with government.
    While we have yes men and women in Parliament from the left in particular, the NT will be relegated to a third world economy propped up by the rest of Australia.

  2. “One of the most worrying indicators is population, where the Territory is down 163% over the decade average”….???
    Could someone please explain?
    One way of interpreting that phrase is that the NT has a population of less than zero, which I only need to look out my window to ascertain that that isn’t true.


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