Jury trials suspended until at least June 5


Chief Justice Michael Grant has suspended jury trials until June 5 because of COVID-19.
Current trials where a jury has already been selected and empanelled will continue, according to a media release today.
This suspension has no bearing on matters which have been listed for the prerecording of evidence or voir dire hearings which do not require the selection and empanelment of a jury.
Those matters will proceed as presently listed.
The Court is conscious of the impact this action [has] on the administration of justice, says the release.
“Jury trials will resume as soon as practicable, in a manner consistent with the health and safety of the public.
“For matters which are currently listed for trial by jury in the period up to June 5 the Presiding Judge’s Associate will make arrangements with the parties.”
A decision will be made one month prior to June 5 to determine whether it is necessary for the suspension to continue.


  1. Now is a good time to consider the merits of trial by judge only rather than trial by jury. In our justice system.
    In highly sensitive cases involving race and high profile public figures in a relatively small population centre, the chances of selecting an unbiased jury are at high risk.


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