Fix the kids problems and our roads


We’re asking people what they expect from whomever gains government come late August.
This time we spoke with Eli Melky, real estate agent and councillor, as well as Ashley Manicaros, CEO of the NT Cattlemen’s Association.
The link between youth crime and education was a major talking point for Cr Melky.
Mr Manicaros wants to see more maintenance of the roads linking Alice Springs and its surrounding areas to the rest of Australia.
Eli Melky
Real estate agent and councillor

The key purpose of any government is to provide stability, so that its constituents can live safe, secure lives.

In Alice Springs we are experiencing a youth crime wave which has a range of negative effects on our town, community and our economy.

My question for the government is this, why is the Education Act not enacted to the letter of the law?  Why are the adults who are responsible for these school aged children not being held accountable for their kids not attending or being enrolled in schools?

The true victims are the children out on the street at midnight, 2am, 3am.  There may be people and services out there willing to help them now, but when those children become adults they will no doubt be lost to the jail system. Those same caring services will turn to service the new batch of youths coming through the pipeline.
I would like to see the government act to cut off the growth industries in our town that survive off the misery of these children and families.
I want to go back to prevention; prevention that starts with education, supporting parents and children where others have failed them over the many decades.
If the homes of these children are not safe, the government needs to step in and ensure that home is safe.  Remove the danger and replace it with safety.
Any NT government must recognise bad policy and remedy it.  Successive NT governments have not been held to account for failing to do so.
Right now, confidence is low.  These measures need to be taken so that Alice Springs can become a safe town.  Make the town safe and the economy will follow.
Ashley Manicaros
CEO of the NT Cattlemen’s Association
I’d like to see a commitment to stable government, whether that comes from a single party majority or a coalition government.
From an agricultural and economic standpoint, the quality of Central Australian roads must improve.
An increased budget for road maintenance and repair, especially targeted at economy generating strips such as the Sandover and Plenty highways, would go a long way in ensuring that business can continue to access the area safely.
Further, to increase biosecurity measures, I would like to see public wash down bays placed in Alice Springs and on the Barkly.
The NT doesn’t have any public wash down bays, but with the impacts of resource development and the constant pressure for product integrity from weeds, wash down bays are a fundamental.



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