Train hoppers hurt


Two boys, aged 12 ad 17, sustained non-life threatening injuries after jumping from a moving train in Alice Springs yesterday morning.
Both were taken to the hospital.
Further inquiries by police indicated five other youth were travelling on the outside of the train with the intention of jumping off it, but had failed to do so as the train gathered speed.
Police were concerned for the welfare of the group and deployed a drone operator and mobile patrols in cars and on motorbikes to conduct sweeps of the rail corridor. Officers worked with railway employees searching areas along the track for the missing group.
At 10am the five were located at Hugh River and taken back to Alice Springs and into the care of their guardians.
Rail service provisions across the NT and SA area were disrupted for four hours.
Police investigations continue. No charges have been laid at this time.

– Police report.



  1. What next? We all know charges won’t be laid, hope guardians get seriously spoken to.
    If lads were heading home should have left them there unless they are part of the antisocial behaviour happening here in Alice and are attending a “How to behave in society” class.

  2. So as usual, Aboriginal youths commit crime, receive slap on the wrist and are sent home. Yep, they have definitely learned the errors of their ways now.

  3. As per usual, here we go again! These youths were most probably laughing about their experiences whilst getting a free ride courtesy of the NT police.
    Their parents or guardians would not have a slight clue as to their whereabouts as roaming the streets all week have become their “normal”.
    Parents need to be held accountable and take these matters very seriously. Or better yet, charge the parents.


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