Family style approach to help troubled children


Home-like residences providing “a safe and secure, welcoming environment” for troubled children in state care are planned by Territory Families for young people who “require intensive services to support their return to family, attend school, access health and social activities such as sports, or transition into kinship or foster care”.
The planned homes will “deliver services and therapeutic outcomes” for “small groups of no more than four young people with high and complex needs,” including sibling groups and their family.
This service will be delivered from existing residential locations that feel like a regular home, says a Territory Families spokesman.
The department is not increasing the number of facilities or obtaining new infrastructure.
The spokesman says Territory Families is seeking a provider or providers for a 60 month term, starting April 1.


  1. Yep, great work DCS, sorry, FACS, oops, TF, what are tey called today?
    The nine most dangerous words in the English language are “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help”.
    Private companies should be offered contracts, interstate companies with a proven track record of success.
    KARI care in NSW should be one of the organisations bought in to sort out the grotesque mess that is Out of Home care in Alice Springs and the greater NT.

  2. Urgent attention needs to be given to get these kids being educated in the western world form of education.
    To understand the word responsibility, to understand right from wrong, good from bad.
    The parents are proving incapable to give this form of learning, they are kids themselves with no life skills at all to provide a safe shelter.
    You can build what you like but the environment is still the same and the encouraging of families to stay won’t work.
    They need to be sent away given a chance at understanding rules.

  3. The truth of this matter is what Pseudo Guru alluded, that if the government places Aboriginal people as wards of the state Aboriginal activists will protest.
    The question one must ask is this: Would you allow your five-year-old child to roam streets at night, to be raped by pedophiles and other attacks by sordid individuals?
    A confronting question. Normal human beings would never allow their children to suffer such a negative life changing experience. We need to move on from historical events and deal with humanity as we see it – appropriately.
    One should also remember the government’s intention, as was the missions’ at that time, was to save the Aboriginal race from extinction. Tuberculosis, malaria, polio, and leprosy were killing more Aboriginal people that anything at that time.
    There were a genuine fear Aboriginal people would die out and become extinct. I refer you to the historical records in particular during the early 1900s when Aborigine protection boards were promulgated.
    Today we see that effort to save Aborigines from disease and extinction as people who were taken for no good reason. That was and is not true. Mistakes were made but generally those generations would not be around if the protective actions by the governments and the missions (churches) did not act.
    Aboriginal people have been used and are still being used today such as a treaty for which is an excuse of obtaining money.
    Why are we talking about an obtuse treaty that represents a tiny part of the Australian population blatantly being used as a stepping stone to obtaining Australian tax payers funds by stealth?
    These people are murderous, immoral and in my opinion not unlike regimes that use people experimentally such as Pol Pot.
    There are many Aboriginal people starving, dying prematurely, denied by their own an education that will raise them out of this cycle of human degradation and abject poverty.
    Concentrating on political issues for self gain such as a treaty and NOT on the real issues of Aborigines such as their high rates of violence, anti social behaviour, 90% unemployment rate, inter generational dependence on Centrelink welfare, 33 billion dollars to subsidise 3% of the Australian population is not moral.
    There are Aborigines in our society that work and act in a moral and normal way, hold down a job and contribute to the Australian community.
    I charge these Aborigines to stand up with the rest of Australia and demand change from the group of Aborigines who create these issues to perpetuate Aboriginal division from mainstream Australia for political purposes.
    These are the real criminals in my opinion, those who use the Aboriginal people for their own agenda and ignore the real issues of Aboriginal people.
    At the end of the day we all suffer in micro scenarios such as foetal alcohol syndrome to the Todd Mall business owner perpetually repairing their shop fronts damaged by irresponsible Aboriginal youths.
    Therefore, let’s say the game is up. Government can only hold the line and is not going to resolve this issue alone.
    Aboriginal children are the hope, get them into school and enforce those Aboriginal parents to care for their children or place with responsible people who can do so.

  4. @ Micheal Dean: I believe in comical relief in particular self effacing humour, however in this instance there is no comical relief in habitualising insidious practices such as innocent children being raped daily and forced into a lifestyle of begging for sustenance.
    Ask yourself, who would find the molestation of children humorous?


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