Police dogs assist arrests of alleged youth offenders


Police dogs Loki (pictured) and Freddy figured prominently in the arrest of youths for alleged assault and stone throwing, police say.
A 16-year-old boy will appear before the Alice Springs Youth Justice Court on one count of aggravated assault on December 18.
Around 12:45am yesterday a man and a woman were walking in the Todd Mall when they were approached by a group of youths, one of whom is alleged to have assaulted the man.
Police monitoring CCTV witnessed the incident and immediately deployed front line officers and the K9 unit to the area.
The youth attempted to flee the scene when he was confronted and challenged by K9 Police Dog, Loki. The youth was arrested.
Three youth were apprehended for rock throwing in Alice Springs at the weekend.
Police received several reports of rocks being thrown at cars on the Stott Terrace Bridge around 11pm on Saturday night.
Police officers from the Community Youth Engagement Team and Police Dogs Loki and Freddy arrived on scene where they had rocks thrown at them.
Police Dog Loki located and confronted the offenders who were then apprehended by Police Dog Freddy, police report.
A 16-year-old was arrested and bailed to appear at a later date, and two youth aged 11 and 14 were issued with written warnings and returned to their responsible guardians.
Meanwhile police are seeking public assistance in relation to a robbery at the weekend.
Just after 2am a man was walking from Todd Street through the old Melanka site on Gap Road to his parked vehicle opposite the 24 hour store when he was approached by a group of youths.
It is alleged the group assaulted him before stealing his car keys and cash and leaving the area in his vehicle – a white Holden Commodore with NT registration CD06FW.


  1. If the police are seeking assistance from the public, does that mean we can arm ourselves for defensive purposes and offer aid to anyone we see being attacked?

  2. Onya doggo and handler.
    “Issued with written notice.” As school attendance is optional it is unlikely that it will be read. “Bailed to appear.” No doubt sent on his way with a firm finger shaking.
    What we have is an ever increasing group of lawless youth pushing the boundaries to the point that vicious physical assault is now part of their culture.
    They are emboldened with the certainty of no consequences for their crimes.
    The Gunner way on law and order is a total failure. No doubt he will be on his way after the next election.

  3. As annoying as it must be for our police force to work mainly at night, this is when we are seeing the most criminal activity.
    Intensifying night patrolling with K9s might just make a big difference to safety in our town.
    Worth noting that dogs have much better night time vision than humans.

  4. The beauty of Wakefield’s Naughty Notes (written warnings) is that once a “warning” is issued that is the end of the road for the repercussions of that criminal activity.
    It is in fact a letter of immunity!
    It is legislated that no charges may then be laid or any further punishments given for the criminal offence that was the cause of the written warning. (Refer S39, Youth Justice Act)
    May we all sleep restfully.

  5. What will happen to my dog if he mauls an intruder, especially if it is a juvenile?
    What will be the consequence for my action if I hit the said juvenile with my digging stick?
    Our laws protect the criminals not the innocents.

  6. The law, government and police need to start making the guardians of these [youths] that roam the streets all night and think they can go around assaulting and robbing and throwing rocks at innocent people accountable as well for their kids’ actions in this town.
    The traditional owners of this town need to start making an effort as well to make this town a better safe place for all.
    They should make a big meeting inviting surrounding Communities and town camp leaders as well.
    This town feels unsafe at night.
    Kids think they can go around doing what they want whenever they want to whoever they want.
    It’s not right and it’s time the locals start doing something about it.
    They are giving this town a bad name and a bad look.
    Having grown up in this town I feel unsafe at night in this town yes, I am Indigenous myself.


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