Alice group says 'no' to extradition of Assange


A group has been formed in Alice Springs to call for the stopping of Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States.
Spokeswoman Margaret Grace Richardson says the WikiLeaks publisher did not commit any crime: He published information in the public interest leaked to him by whistleblowers.
“The campaign against him is a warning to journalists and even social media users anywhere who are publishing information that the US doesn’t like.
“Don’t mess with us, don’t reveal our warcrimes, that’s the message,” says Ms Richardson.
The claim by the US that he is a traitor is absurd as the Australian Assange is not a US citizen.
“Since being arrested in London in April, Assange has been confined to the maximum-security Belmarsh prison in London ahead of the first extradition hearing on February 25, 2020,” says Ms Richardson.
“He is enduring solitary confinement and harsh conditions. His family and friends fear for his physical and mental health, and even his life.”
A decade-old investigation in Sweden into sexual assault allegations against Assange has been discontinued.
A public meeting of the group on Sunday at 2.30pm in the Andy McNeill room is supported by the Socialist Equality Party.
Photograph: Henry Nicholls, Reuters.


  1. Here’s an idea – rather than spending any time at all being concerned about someone like Assange, how about devoting your time and resources to the benefit of Alice Springs and the people who reside there?
    This is just part of the reason why Alice Springs is in the state that it is – people are too worried about things they have absolutely no control over, rather then dealing with the things that they can.
    Was the case when I lived in Alice Springs, and nothing has changed.

  2. Been a while since I commented, but Formerlocal4 beats all comments.
    Ms Richardson, you raise very credible points eg Mr Assange is Australian, not a US citizen, and yes, he is enduring solitary confinement and harsh conditions for information leaked to him from a whistleblower.
    This man is not a traitor. He was informing us mere citizens of information, no different from other war crimes we are inclined to encourage being investigated, eg The Nuremberg Trials.
    Pity we didn’t have an Assange then, maybe a lot less or no innocent people would have been taken from this earth merely because not even they knew what their fate was!
    Now we have all been informed of what we should be made aware of, but no, these particular war crimes it seems must be kept secret, that is, unless you are a family member or a close relative of the victims and as a consequence continue to grieve because of such attempted cover ups.
    I ponder to think what Formerlocal4 feels he has to offer to this group of supporters with his comments but at least Ms Richardson and I publish our names to receive whatever comes our way.
    I do hope one day you realise that those of us who stay in the Alice do so because “control” is not a factor to consider, living together and caring is more our style.

  3. @ Jerry Fitzsimons: A former local 4 has a fair point; why worry about Assange when there are far more relevant and important local issues to report in many Alicians’ opinion.
    I tend to agree. I have long been impressed with Murray Stewart’s Desert League of Champions initiative.
    I personally think it has been a lovely community bonding exercise over the last 20 years. 10 nominees every year for 10 years then a big celebration of the 100 in 2019.
    Much prefer to read a report on an event celebrating Alicians and the sporting history of a town that has a magnificent sporting tradition than reading about the Socialist group rally.

  4. John Bell, I couldn’t agree with you more: we do live in “a town that has a magnificent sporting tradition”.
    My reading of what Ms Richardson was referring to was “a public meeting” and not about a “Socialist group rally”.
    Ms Richardson also pointed out that Mr Assange is Australian.
    No doubt he rattled some cages but in doing so he was informing us of information most of us knew nothing about and may never have. Fair go Aussie.
    I love my sport, but I dearly love living and by being kept informed I would therefore take this public opportunity to thank people like Mr Assange for sharing such important information with us all, whether a Socialist or otherwise.
    Sunday’s meeting, I believe, is a public forum, at least, that’s what I read.

  5. Government corruption is paid for by you. The smallest communities pay the most for big end business deals done in secret.
    Julian Assange is the best friend Alice Springs could ever have because he exposes these criminals who steal from the poor and give to the rich.
    Don’t trust your local leaders who are looking out for their own interests by backing USA and silencing Julian.
    The USA don’t care a bit about the small people of Alice except to take their wealth from under their noses.
    Small communities need to support people who speak the truth like Julian Assange, not support uncle Sam who is just using and abusing you.
    Defend Julian Assange and you will be defending yourselves. Write to you MP, protest, and make some noise for Julian Assange.
    He is sacrificing his life in prison to bring down these corporate thieves and give the power back to you.


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