Govt should run ambulance service: Braedon Earley


Sir – We stand with the front line paramedics in their argument with contractor St John Ambulance over pay and conditions.
We are particularly concerned about fatigue management.
The function of the provision of ambulance services should be taken over by the NT Government when the current contract with St John Ambulance expires.
We believe there are considerable savings to the taxpayer and better outcomes for Territorians for the $400m being expended now.
We have made considerable efforts to meet with United Voice Union and in particular the Secretary, Erina Early, to support the union in this and other areas.
But these approaches have been constantly rebuffed and we are starting to wonder about the genuineness of her statements that the Union may not support NT Labor in the coming 2020 NT General Election.
For example in his speech to Parliament on October 18, 2016, the then Minister for Primary Industry and Resources Ken Vowles said: “I also thank Aaron (sic) Early and the United Voice Union for doing some roadsides with me at 7 am.
“It is a tough gig to support somebody without coffee so I made sure there was coffee available every Wednesday when they helped.”
Clearly as the president of the NT Labor Party, Erina Early is compromised in her union job and cannot effectively fight for the betterment of Territorians.
Braedon Earley (pictured)
Ban Fracking Fix Crime Protect Water Party


  1. Looks like we now have the: Ban Fracking Fix Crime Protect Water Big Government and any other Popular Idea Party.

  2. I am confused – is this party left or right?
    Are they for big or small government?
    Can you name one thing that the Government actually does better than the private sector?
    Because let’s be honest, the education and health system is not a particularly good example. The publicly owned power and water providers aren’t a good example either.


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