Areyonga students graduate from Year 12 at Unity College


Four students from Areyonga have graduated from Year 12 at the Unity College at Murray Bridge, South Australia.
Pictured from left are Tarna Andrews (Areyonga Teacher), students Jimmy (Mick) Doolan, Selinda Hopkins, Claudia Coulthard, Christopher Doolan and Jonty Fernando (Areyonga School Principal).
A choir of six Areyonga women performed a Lutheran hymn in Pitjantjatjara as a blessing to all the graduating students.
In the last two years six students from Areyonga have successfully completed Year 12, says Principal of Unity College, Kaye Mathwin-Cox.
“Much of this success is due to the strong partnership and links between the Areyonga Community and Unity College.
To the students, she said: “The end of this year marks the end of one of the most incredible journeys in your lives.
“Whilst you might not fully understand or even believe the importance of the last 13 years of school, those with a little more experience may remember their own years and reflect on the highs, the lows, the fun times and the times of challenge.
“And it is these experiences that helps to mould us all into who we are and who we become as an active contributor in society.”


  1. Congrats everyone! Especially my friend Rosina Kunia’s daughter Claudia.
    I have known Rosina since she was a kid and have seen her be such a wonderful mum to Claudia.
    Claudia has grown into a lovely, kind and clever young lady.
    I am so proud of Claudia! Congrats again.


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