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Jamie Chalker appointed Police Commissioner

Katherine born and former Alice Springs resident Jamie Chalker APM (pictured) was today appointed by Chief Minister Michael Gunner as the Police Commissioner and CEO for Fire and Emergency Services.
Police Association president Paul McCue described the move as the “reinstatement of Territory values to the NT Police Force” following the “sudden departure” of Reece Kershaw.
Mr Chalker joined the police force in 1994 and spent more than half his career policing outside Darwin in areas of general duties, remote policing, criminal investigations and executive roles, according to a media release from Mr Gunner.
In 1999, he was awarded a Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal for Bravery for entering flood waters and rescuing a man who had been swept down river in Wattie Creek near Daguragu.
He also holds the Australian Police Medal and has a number of career highlights through his homicide, serious drug and organised crime investigations.
He was appointed to Assistant Commissioner in 2012 and acted in the role of Deputy and Commissioner, before leaving the force to become the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Housing and Community Development in December 2016, says the release.
As CEO he has been instrumental in the delivery of the Territory Labor Governments $1.1bn remote housing program, and to the development of remote homelands and communities.
He will commence duty on 11 November. A deputy commissioner is expected to be appointed in the coming weeks.
Mr Gunner says in the release his government is “focused on tackling alcohol-fueled crime and reducing youth crime by getting young people on the right path.
“Jamie is a long-time, passionate advocate for community policing and will lead the force in continuing to tackle these areas.”
Meanwhile Police Association president Paul McCue says in a media release: “It is encouraging to see an officer with more than two decades’ NT policing experience, including at numerous remote stations, elevated to the role.
“Our members are looking forward to seeing the reinstatement of Territory values to the NT Police Force.
“We would also like to thank Michael Murphy APM for his work as Acting Commissioner following the sudden departure of former NT Commissioner Reece Kershaw APM to the Australian Federal Police.”


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