The good and the bad of spending money we don't have


While the Government is bragging about huge infrastructure spending, the Opposition is calling it spending of money we don’t have.
Treasurer Nicole Manison told Parliament that the Government “delivered another massive infrastructure spend whilst achieving an improved budget position.
“The $1.5bn infrastructure spend in 2018-19 is $27m above the recent budget estimate of $1.48bn. There was also a $388m improvement in the expected deficit.”
Says Opposition Leader Gary Higgins in a media release: “It’s more than disturbing that the Treasurer herself is in denial about the government’s role in contributing to a net debt of $6.2bn.
“It proves they still believe they have done nothing wrong, that they believe spending $19.4m on an underground carpark for public servants is worthy, or $800,000 on a failed museum vanity project at Myilly Point, or $161,000 on promotional fence wrap.
“They are not serious about reining in the spending or stopping the waste.
“Their default position is to bang on about what happened four to five years ago,” says Mr Higgins.
“We can’t afford more than $1m a day in interest which we’re currently paying.”


  1. Ah yes, that lovely deep underground car park for public servants next to the NT Legislative Assembly, on which I henceforth bestow the title of “Labor’s long-drop”.
    All that’s required to top off this most worthy project is a ceiling and very large fan.


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