About Bronnie, RIP


By PHILOMENA HALI, in great sadness
It seems such a long time that we had known each other and that Bronwyn Beesley was a living working entity of Central Craft. We chatted, bitched, laughed, cried and shared many life stories and woes together.
We were on the Crafts Council / Central Craft Board together for years and experienced many challenges back in the day.
Bronnie had a wicked sense of humour, swore like a trooper, but cooked the best curries I’ve ever eaten.
She was so skilled artistically. It was her life. She lived and breathed her watercolour or silk painting and there was her jewellery too.
What Bron created always had a freedom of expression in it. I found that so inspiring.
I gate crashed her Valentines Desperate & Dateless Ball at the Casino many years ago.
That is where she and Bob met. I managed to drag them out of their stilted date, to have coffee in the eatery.It was a memorable night which was brought up many times, resulting in gut wrenching laughter.
Bron once attended an exhibition opening at Central Craft. She loved her wigs. She had a brunette wig on and no glasses. Made up she looked completely different.
Then Bob came in and I introduced him to ‘Bronweena’.
She is pictured in the centre with Adrienne Matthews and Heather Romeo in the July 2001 pastel workshop run by Maxine Thompson.
He shook her hand and said he was waiting for Bron to show up. Goodness me, the laughter had us all wetting our pants when the penny dropped! Fun times.
Bron always said things as she saw them. She never minced her words. It annoyed many but they knew where they stood.
Bronnie will be a huge loss to Alice Springs, but her presence in Central Craft will be felt so much more.
My condolences to Paula, her brother and children, Cohen and Mikayla, for their great loss. She adored her grandchildren.


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