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Police seek public assistance following assault

Police are seeking public assistance following an assault on a man in Alice Springs on Wednesday night.
He was walking north on Todd Street towards the Todd Mall when he was approached by a group of young people asking for cigarettes, just after midnight.
The man refused them and continued walking along Gregory Terrace when it is alleged he was set upon by two members of group who knocked him to the ground and continued to assault him.
The man received significant lacerations to the head and jaw and was taken to the hospital.
The group of four young men are described as being aged between 15 to 18. One was wearing long brown pants and two were wearing knee-length shorts and a hooded jumper.
Police urge anyone with information to contact them on 131 444 or report it anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 131 444 referencing PROMIS number 9075796.

– Police media release



  1. Little cowards, they’ve been doing it for long, long time.
    Aboriginal youth is out of control and they will pick on the wrong person sometime!

  2. Re: Liberal – it’s going to happen one day.
    I love it how it is better not to offend than to find the criminals.
    Why not have a description of their appearance / skin colour. Oh, that’s right, because we don’t want to offend or cause any conceptions of a stereotyping even if they are based on facts.

  3. @ James T Smerk: Also James, I note it says “group” but does not specify or estimate how many. Then there is mention of two of the group.
    Perhaps we can all start carrying some protection. But then the police will argue excessive force. Whereas if they said a Group of 20, then it may be deemed reasonable force.
    Political correctness and protection of the statistics is a wonderful thing, whereas public safety is not.
    I’ll take my chances with carrying protection, I think.


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