Multi-storey car park for the hospital: Lambley


Member for Araluen Robyn Lambley claims “the Gunner Government has finally listened and will be making an announcement to build a multi-storey car park at the site of the old pathology building at the hospital”.
She says it’s a success for people power.
A petition she launched at the Show on Friday collected almost 1000 signatures in two days, demanding the car park that would prioritise car parking for the sick, elderly and disabled.
“This is great news for the people of Alice Springs. I congratulate all those who jumped on board and supported the petition. I know many more are intending to sign,” says Mrs Lambley.
“We sent a clear message that we have had enough of endless planning and procrastination. The car parking situation is unsafe for patients, visitors and staff. We cannot wait any longer for something to be done.
“The Gunner Government built a multi-storey car park at the Royal Darwin Hospital in less than two years and does not charge. Alice Springs people deserve the same.
“I look forward to seeing the details of what the Government is proposing.
“I hope they have developed a real plan and that this is not just a kneejerk reaction to community pressure.”
UPDATE 7.10am
The government confirmed this morning it will build the multi-storey carpark as well as 70 residential units for staff.
The old Pathology and CDC building will be demolished to free up the space for the carpark. A tender for this demolition work will be released within the coming month.
Local company, Whittaker Street Developments, was awarded the accommodation contract, “which will see a new high-quality complex constructed between Todd Street and South Terrace, and will help attract and retain professional health staff in Alice Springs,” according to a media release.
Also included included in the staff complex are a swimming pool, gymnasium, children’s playground and potential retail or other commercial space.
“Works on the staff accommodation are anticipated to begin this year and completion is expected in late 2020,” says the statement.”
The statement does not disclose when the car park will be built.
UPDATE 12 noon Wednesday
Town Council CEO Rex Mooney provided the following statement when asked to respond to “Sam” – see readers’ comments below:
“After being approached by local police, and in the spirit of supporting them in their role, council agreed to increase the number of allocated parking bays in Parsons Street by seven bays, at an April 2019 meeting between police representatives and council staff. This agreement between the two organisations is subject to feedback and review.
“Alice Springs Town Council maintains open channels for feedback and encourages the community to contribute their support, complaints or concerns relating to Council decisions.”
The Alice Springs News is now inviting comment from the police.
UPDATE Wednesday 1.10pm

In reply to questions from the Alice Springs News the government has pinpointed the location of the 70 residential units (see above), has stated tenders had been called for the project, but declined to give financial details details of the contract other than to say “the lease is subject to normal commercial considerations”.
The government’s media release yesterday stated: “Central Australian Health Services will lease the units from the building owners [Whittaker Street Developments] with an initial lease period of 10-years, with an option to extend.”
The News understands Whittaker Street Developments is linked to Sitzler Pty Ltd which also owns the Supreme Court building, on lease to the government.


  1. Lismore opened a multi level car park in 2016 as part of its hospital redevelopment. Parking fees came up as an issue.

  2. With car parking spaces at a critical level in town, I am astounded that the NT Police have been permitted to take over all 29 car parks in Parson Street, between the new and old police stations.
    I have no problem with one or two emergency car parks for urgent police business, but it appears that police members are parking their private vehicles within the locked, secure police compound, whilst their service vehicles are now left in the street – right in the centre of the CBD!
    I can understand police not wanting their private vehicles damaged by vandalism, but surely not at the expense of struggling businesses.
    I wonder if a private car hire company decided to park all of their hire vehicles in the CBD to allow employees park their vehicles within a secure compound. There would be an uproar. Council and planning authorities need to seriously rethink this dumb idea.

  3. Does cramming seventy units, retail space and a pool into the two small blocks pictured make sense?
    Across the road is the town eyesore. Oh that’s right a couple of sacred trees trumps development or does it?
    There must be more to the story. You can bet it’s about bottom line as it always is.
    South Terrace and Gap Road are already under traffic stress.
    Add Alice Star units currently under construction on just three old Alice household blocks and the seventy five units for the bowling club site on South Terrace and we are creating a traffic and infrastructure nightmare for the future.

  4. Couldn’t agree more – only 7 spaces? Other than the spaces pirated by construction workers (illegally).
    I couldn’t see a single space left for police customers – guess we’ll have to park in Yeperenye and carry our firearms from there when plod wants to check the serial numbers, again?

  5. Is there a way to look at plans for either the multi-storey car park and or the 70 unit associated staff complex?
    I only ask as usually all other state governments have master plans available on their websites or have links to developer websites.
    In this case I have googled and searched for information on the NT Government website.
    I have been specifically looking for “Alice Springs Hospital Master Plan”.
    I have not found a single website nor any reference, or link to any master plan.
    I have only come across various news sites and media releases with the words “master plan” within them.


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